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In the next couple of weeks the best ideas from the most innovative entrepreneurs will be competing to take the 1st prize in 5 industry-specific finals. More than 650 students from all over the country have been working hard to develop their ideas - this has turned into 269 new business ideas! 

Now the jury has narrowed down the field to the top 40 finalists who have been nominated to compete in the finals - not surprisingly, ambitious CBS students are nominated in several categories. JOIN US at the 2010 finals and support CBS students in their quest for becoming #1.

Applied Technology

Today (14th og January) two teams frm CBS will be pitching their ideas to a jury panel consisting of investors and top-business professionals, in an attempt to convince that their idea should be awarded the 1st prize of 25.000DKR.

The international team behind HABS have developed a solution for producing and selling the High-stiffness & high-power Air-Bearing Spindle (HABS) in China.

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Does your idea have business potential?

Repercussions from the financial crisis is causing the number of jobs to decrease and the chance that you will get your dream-job is probably starting to look gloomy. While this may be true, there are alternative routes to getting your dream-job - how about creating it yourself? 

At Venture Cup we work to encourage students and researchers to become entrepreneurs - to take initiative to create and develop their ideas into successful start-ups. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to participate in our Idea Competition

The Venture Cup Idea Competition will award 25,000 DKK to the best business idea of each of these five categories: Software, Services, Applied Technology, Cleantech and Life Science & Medtech.

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CBS’ hemmelige pris afsløres

En agent look-a-like konkurrence på Nexus resulterer i en film om CBS studerende, der udklædt som hemmelige agenter sniger sig omkring på CBS, med en ukendt pris under armen.

Hvilken pris?  Og hvad handlede hemmeligheds-kræmmeriet om CBS studerende udklædt som agenter egentlig om?

Jo, nu skal du høre, den ukendte pris er et trofæ – et trofæ der vidner om CBS’ evne til, at skabe de bedste rammer for iværksætteri. Innovative CBS studerende tog nemlig første præmien ved Venture Cup finalen 08/09 med en software platform for virtuel fysioterapeutisk træning.

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Want something for your CV? Venture Cup can give you marketing experience

Practical experience for your CV -  Venture Cup, the non-profit entrepreneurship organization, is seeking extrovert student volunteers to assist with the local marketing of the competition.

Practical experience for your CV - help Venture Cup with local marketing

The deadline for our idea competitions is coming up on the 30th of November and we wish to maximize the number of participants. For this task we seek the help of motivated student volunteers to distribute marketing material and inform fellow students about the opportunities of participating in Venture Cup.

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Free workshop: Could your ideas make you rich?

How to prepare an idea for the market - Workshop for all CBS students today, 17.00 at CBS. All university students have an idea or a project with business potential. This workshop will help you develop and improve the business side of your ideas.

Entrepreneur Tine Thygesen from Venture Cup help you to look at how your ideas could be valuable. And answer som of the common questions, like How do you get your idea ready to enter the market? How can you make sure it will be able to compete with the other ideas out there?

We also give tips on how to get to the top in the Venture Cup competition, where you can win 25,000, and on how to win a trip to Hong Kong.

Time: 17.00-19.30 including food and drinks!

Partners on this workshop is Venture Cup and Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy

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Cleantech er business, siger CBS studerende

Cleantech, er et af årets hotteste emner med det forestående klimatopmøde, men er det buzz eller business?

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