The Presidency

Phillip Hardø / Nikas Frijs-Madsen
Philip Hardø (right) og Niklas Frijs-Madsen (left) are the presidency of CBS Students – The student union of CBS. When not doing student political work, they both study international Business & Politics.

Before being elected for the presidency, they where heavily engaged in a number of initiatives both within and outside CBS. Coordinating Student Political Council, writing articles for Ræson, Project leadership within CBS Students as well as work at the national student union level, participating in the policy making as well as writing a number of articles for national Danish Newspapers on the issues confronting students at CBS.

Our goals are clear, use CBS Students to make CBS as cool and dynamic a study environment as possible.

Concretely we are working on elevating the CBS Network, by negotiating better finance and framework conditions for the many student societies and organizations at CBS. Enhance the student influence at every level of decision-making within CBS. Develop and qualify the skills of the study board members so that they may maximize their influence over the various study programs. Seek to qualify the national student voice, showing that the students of CBS are not spoilt. We are instead pragmatic and willing to constructively debate the conditions for students, needed to better qualify our selves for the job market and serve the societal needs of tomorrow.

Dansk version
Philip Hardø
(th) og Niklas Frijs-Madsen (tv) er formandskabet for CBS Students, studenterforeningen på CBS. Når de ikke knokler på den studenterpolitiske scene, studerer de begge International Business & Politics.

Før formandsarbejdet var bade Philip og Niklas frivillige i CBS Students, hvor de især arbejdede med studenterpolitisk råd (Student Political Council), projektledelse, samt den nationale studenterforening, Danske Studerendes Fællesråd.

CBS Students mål er klare: Det skal være så fedt som muligt, at studere på CBS!

Helt konkret arbejder CBS Students især på:
- at forbedre netværket af alle studenterorganisationer, CBS Students Network.
- Forbedre enhver mulighed for studenterindflydelse på CBS.
- Opkvalificering af og samarbejde imellem indvalgte I studienævn, akademisk råd og bestyrelsen.

CBS Students er en pragmatisk studenterorganisation, der altid søger en konstruktiv og opkvalificerende debat om studenterpolitik.