All exchange students got - or will get - roof over their heads

Skrevet af Tine CatoJesper Snedker Adamsen, (versioning) - Foto: Syda Productions | - 20. august 2014 - 13:150 kommentarer
This year's hunt for temporary residences for exchange students is officially over. Almost all students now have roof over their heads.

In recent years the Housing Department of the International Office has had a hard time trying to find housing opportunities for all new exchange students. This year, it seems that the mission has been accomplished – even without the usual last-minute desperation. 

Accommodation for almost all of this year’s exchange students

During every fall semester the study halls of CBS are packed with new students. This year, 695 of these are in Copenhagen as exchange students, and are thus in need of temporary residences, which the International Office’s Housing Department supplies – at least in most cases.

This year, the Housing Department has been able to help a larger portion of exchange students, and the reason for this is first and foremost that CBS has fewer exchange students than usually this fall semester.

The influx of exchange students is 70 students lower than last fall semester; and of this year’s 695 exchange students, 490 have asked CBS for help in relation to finding accommodation.

465 exchange students have already found accommodation, while 15 students have turned down the offers they have received; and 10 students are still without roof over their heads.

The art of aligning supply and demand

According to the Housing Department it has not been necessary to intensify the advertising for private residences due to the lower number of exchange students. Gitte Topholm of the Housing Department says that they have actually posted fewer ads compared to last year:

- This year, we have been able to supply 108 residences, partly by advertising in a variety of local newspapers; in Søndagsavisen; on Facebook; and finally in CBS OBSERVER. And the fact that we have been able to help just about all new exchange students shows that we have become increasingly better at aligning supply and demand, says Gitte Topholm.

In recent years it has proved to be a very difficult task, which in many cases has demanded numerous sensational saves and cries for help. These experiences stand in sharp contrast to this year’s events as the task was already solved in the beginning of August. All students who applied before the June 15th deadline were offered accommodation.

And the fact that only 10 students are still without roof over their heads is a 50 percent improvement compared to last year, which means that it is very likely that solutions for these 10 students will be found before the semester officially begins.

Expensive student residences proved very popular

- A large part of the new exchange students have been housed in very popular student residences facilitated by the CBS Housing Department. We have been able to offer this form of residence to 357 of this fall semester’s exchange students, says Gitte Topholm.

Accepted exchange students receive a link to the Housing Departments booking site in May, and the booking procedure is conducted in accordance with the first come, first served principle; which in effect means that these residences are usually fully booked within 90 minutes after they are released in the system due to their extreme popularity.

The Housing Department informs CBS OBSERVER that the rent for these student residences spans between DKK 3,000 for a shared room at Øresundskollegiet and DKK 8,000 for a room with an en suite bathroom at Porcelænshaven.

High rents are coordinated in advance

Gitte Topholm says that some exchange students choose not to use the services provided by the Housing Department at CBS as they cannot afford the rents of the residences provided. However, Gitte Topholm emphasizes that expectations are carefully coordinated with the potential exchange students.

- The international students who choose to spend a semester at CBS are well aware of the fact that it can be almost impossible to find a cheap student residence, says Gitte Topholm and continues:

- For students who choose Copenhagen the top priority is actually to find a centrally located residence.