Arla wants to milk Danish students!

Skrevet af Kristoffer NyegaardJesper Snedker Adamsen, (versioning) - Foto: Arla - 19. januar 2016 - 12:100 kommentarer
Milk! Do we need it or not...?

On January 27th – 28th students from Danish universities are to help Arla save the image of milk at this year’s edition of the ComCaseCompetition; a 24-hour case competition at CBS. 

Sports idols drink milk. Models drink milk. And if you drink milk, you will stay healthy, strong and beautiful – so remember to drink milk every day!

Through several decades parents, authorities, and businesses have donated significant efforts to convince everyone of the benefits of drinking milk.

However, younger generations decreasingly consider milk as an essential part of a healthy diet and that trend hurts Arla’s bottom line.

So how can Arla regain market shares in a time dominated by online diets all trying to debunk the nutritional benefits of milk? Well, maybe communications students at CBS can find the answer to that.

Get front row seats at the finals at CBS

This year, university students from the various communications programs throughout the nation are to help Arla rebrand milk to ensure that milk continues to be an essential part of the breakfast table buffet; and all participating students’ potentially profitable ideas will be forged and presented during this year’s edition of the 24-hour case competition ComCaseCompetition.

So, should you be interested in witnessing the participants’ presentations of their ideas, you are more than welcome to be part of the audience during the finals on January 28th, 3pm to 6pm in room SP 201 at Solbjerg Plads.