Artikler af Felix Kasperek

Det evige cykelparkeringskaos på campus

Fredag, 23 maj, 2014 - 12:40

I oktober kunne CBS OBSERVER bringe en historie om de store udfordringer forbundet med cykelparkering på CBS. Nu kan vi følge op på historien og give dig indblik i nyudviklingerne – ikke at der er mange.

We play the Sport of Kings at CBS too

Torsdag, 22 maj, 2014 - 17:34

Video: Now you can play Polo in the auspices of CBS. CBS OBSERVER saddled up with CBS Polo Club and around 20 other CBS students who had come to try their luck with the intense sport.

From Denmark to Uganda on a bike

Fredag, 25 april, 2014 - 15:42

4 days. 10 bikes. 6400 kilometres. 1 school in Uganda.
From Tuesday the 29th of April to Friday the 2nd of May CBS Building Tomorrow are hosting the second leg of Bike to Uganda.

G4S Security on campus

Tirsdag, 8 april, 2014 - 17:02

In the rest of April, a pilot project of uniformed G4S security guards patrolling campus will be held.

Number of internationals in CBS’ graduate programs increasing

Torsdag, 3 april, 2014 - 16:48

From The number of applicants for CBS’ graduate programs has just been tallied. CBS has experienced a 26 percent increase in applicants compared to last year, and among those are many international applicants.

How CBS handles the ’progress reform’

Torsdag, 27 marts, 2014 - 17:58

The ‘progress reform’ has, since its conception, been a controversial subject and whether they like it or not, CBS’ students will be subject to it from next semester. CBS must shorten the time it takes students to finish their degrees, but it could have positive consequences for the students.

Transportation, mobility and urban spaces in Delhi and Copenhagen

Torsdag, 20 marts, 2014 - 18:12

From Delhi-Copenhagen Urban Challenge: A cross-disciplinary and comparative study on ‘Transportation,
Mobility, and Urban Space’ in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Delhi, India

An interdisciplinary summer challenge

Torsdag, 20 marts, 2014 - 16:43

From Beijing-Copenhagen Urban Challenge: How would you like to spend your summer doing business in China?

CBS Wine has found a sponsor for 2014

Tirsdag, 18 marts, 2014 - 13:19

 Club Supercar new sponsor for CBS Wine

MBA students from CBS win regional final of Venture Capital Investment Competition

Mandag, 17 marts, 2014 - 23:29

A team of five MBA students from Copenhagen Business School won the “Europe North” Venture Capital Investment Competition Final in London. Now, the five students are going to Chapel Hill in the United States, to compete in the final.

Physically present yet mentally absent

Torsdag, 13 marts, 2014 - 17:03

It happens in buses, in meetings, on the street and in class. People are present, but still unavailable. It’s the pull of the online life – emails have to checked along with news and social media. But this behavior is harmful to the teaching efforts at CBS.

An experiment in strategic networking

Mandag, 10 marts, 2014 - 15:45

Last week, an MBA case competition was held at Kilen with Edukarma winning. It was a big success that showed what advantages students can get from CBS’ strategic partnership with Sauder School of Business.

Exchange at CBS: Success with room for improvement

Mandag, 24 februar, 2014 - 18:16

 41.6 percent of the fall semester’s 740 exchange students have now evaluated their stay. Apart for housing and contact to Danish students, most criteria of the evaluation are very positive.

Bain, McKinsey, PA and BCG – Team CBS coached by the best

Mandag, 24 februar, 2014 - 16:42

 Week 9 and CBS Case Competition is right around the corner. Team CBS, participating in this year’s competition, is currently in intense training with four other CBS teams. They’re all competing international case competitions in 2014.

Win the job of your dreams with energy giant Schneider

Mandag, 10 februar, 2014 - 17:06

CBS’ students are cordially invited to participate in an exciting competition where the dream job for those with energy interests is at stake. The global energy specialist Schneider Electric’s competition is a good example of a new trend in talent recruitment.

A strategic partnership to benefit all of CBS

Mandag, 10 februar, 2014 - 16:00

In 2011, CBS entered into a strategic partnership with the Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia, Canada. CBS OBSERVER investigates what it has meant for CBS’ research, employees and the students.

In close collaboration with Singapore on blue BScs

Torsdag, 30 januar, 2014 - 16:36

This January, CBS and Singapore Management University (SMU) signed a contract pertaining to student exchange between their respective programs in the shipping sector. SMU launched its ‘Maritime Economic Concentration’ program in 2013. At CBS, the BSc in International Shipping and Trade starts in September.

Two students aim to breathe life into leadership with CBS Talks

Torsdag, 30 januar, 2014 - 13:04

CBS has a new student organization, CBS Talks. The two organizers are passionate about bringing more management and leadership theory to the CBS students and expect their initiative to become a success. Judging from the interest shown from the students so far, the expectations are coming true.

Kick off the ski trip with Red Bull and CBS Film

Torsdag, 23 januar, 2014 - 16:11

This year’s ski trip goes to Val Thorens, France in week 5. If you can’t wait either, get a taste of the good life on Thursday, January 23rd. Nexus, CBS Film and Red Bull will get you warmed up with a preview of a bit of after-ski.

Meet the 2014 CBS Case Competition partners

Torsdag, 23 januar, 2014 - 15:44

Last week, the CBS Case Competition 2014 Preferred Partners were published. The group is consists of prestigious global companies that are all coming to CBS for the international case competition in weeks 8 and 9.

New Year’s reception provides tactical/strategic vision

Mandag, 20 januar, 2014 - 13:05

President Per Holten-Andersen switched the traditional New Year’s speech for a spot of storytelling. The stories contained where CBS is headed and what the senior management does to lead CBS in the right direction – and what they’ll do this year.

Prestigious Business Scholarship goes to CBS student

Torsdag, 16 januar, 2014 - 14:59

The international network organization Zonta has just awarded the prestigious Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship of US$8,000. The recipient, Danish Christina Legarth Jacobsen studies MSc in Finance and Strategic Management at CBS.

If I had 3 wishes, CBS would...

Mandag, 13 januar, 2014 - 13:53

President of CBS Students, Charlotte Gjedde, flouts the idea of New Year’s Resolutions and receptions. Instead, she rubs the virtual lamp and conjures up three wishes for CBS’ great student spirit.

Richard Quest: the EU is a wobbly house

Tirsdag, 6 august, 2013 - 12:54

The hyper-energetic CNN host Richard Quest visited CBS recently. In an event that thematically focused on Europe’s challenges, Danish Minister of Finance Bjarne Corydon (S) was grilled and a panel of experts was quizzed on Europe’s way out of the crisis.

MBA Student of the Year fights poverty in Africa

Torsdag, 20 juni, 2013 - 17:21

CBS’ Full-time and Executive MBA alumni this year honored Tanzanian Aida Kiangi, Country Director of the NGO Action Aid Tanzania and CBS FT-MBA student of 2008-2009, as ‘MBA of the Year’.

Comment: Denmark should aim for visitor’s advantage

Torsdag, 20 juni, 2013 - 15:40

Minister of Higher Education Morten Østergaard (B) explains how the government’s strategy of internationalization will make it easier for students to study abroad.

Three CBS students receive this year’s BCG scholarships

Tirsdag, 18 juni, 2013 - 13:43

For the fourth year in a row BCG held its “Scholarship Workshop”, where one or more top-student who’s going on exchange gets an opportunity to earn themselves a scholarship. Three CBSers made a clean sweep against students from other universities.

CBS student KPMG’s Business Student of the Year 2013

Torsdag, 13 juni, 2013 - 17:06

The accounting and financial advisory firm KPMG has named its Business Student of the Year 2013. The winner is 24 year old Nicklas Snekloth Kongsgaard, student at CBS with top marks and an extensive international experience.

The evaluation is over – now come the improvements

Torsdag, 6 juni, 2013 - 12:25

A milestone has been reached in the evaluation of the administrative reorganization, Wednesday May 29th. The 70 employees who have been part of the process got the opportunity to celebrate and hear how the senior management plans to implement the improvements.

Frederiksberg and CBS want to create the world’s best city-campus

Mandag, 3 juni, 2013 - 15:25

CBS and the municipality of Frederiksberg has joined forces with Realdania for a project close to Fasanvej Metro station that is going to provide students and employees of CBS with ultramodern facilities – and be an entirely new concept in densely populated cities.

Debate: No comprendo! (Why did I get that grade?)

Torsdag, 16 maj, 2013 - 13:04

MSc BA (phil) student Niels Jørgen Lindtner finds the lack of feedback on written assignments from CBS’ lecturers incomprehensible, to put it mildly.

President: Lack of student housing limits internationalization

Tirsdag, 14 maj, 2013 - 17:44

CBS’ internationalization is threatened by the lack of student housing in Copenhagen. The International Office is constantly struggling to get international students places to stay.

CBS Sport challenges you to a game of street football

Mandag, 6 maj, 2013 - 17:25

Do you feel like jumping around after a ball on the asphalt like when you were a kid? Really? Okay! Thursday, May 16th you’ll have the chance to show off your skills on the parking lot behind Dalgas Have with an after-party at Nexus.

Former Irma CEO and student politician new member of CBS’ Board of Directors

Mandag, 6 maj, 2013 - 16:24

The seasoned businessman Alfred Josefsen, chairman of the board of directors for UNICEF Denmark, is the newest addition to CBS’ board of directors. Alfred Josefsen holds an MSc BA from CBS and has been part of The Students’ Council (now CBS Students).

The Human Cloud at CSE

Mandag, 6 maj, 2013 - 12:14

The 15th of May the Copenhagen Center for Entrepreneurship invites you to take part in the the idea of running a Start-Up business in the Human Cloud – the use of freelancers. Two extraordinary entrepreneurs have been invited to speak.

CBS is an academic society - let’s be residents and not just visitors!

Torsdag, 2 maj, 2013 - 11:03

CBS accepts more and more students, but where are we supposed to be? CBS Students Vice President, Charlotte Gjedde is asking the CBS community in this article.

Denmark’s first investment strategic case competition

Mandag, 22 april, 2013 - 16:53

Thursday and Friday, May 9th and 10th 2013, CBS’ FinanceLab will be hosting Denmark’s first investment strategy case competition, the Investment Strategy Challenge – sign up before May 1st.

Pass the GMAT with flying colors and pay with volunteer work

Mandag, 22 april, 2013 - 15:45

The math part of the GMAT test can make a lot of students despair. But now you can pay for some of the preparation by helping others with something you’re good at.

Video: CBS Campus – stage for modern dance

Mandag, 15 april, 2013 - 15:39

Friday, April 19th at 7.00 PM, CBS Move will be performing their first show ‘UNITY I’ in Dalgas Have. CBS OBSERVER was present during the rehearsals – watch the video here.

Time to talk toilets

Tirsdag, 9 april, 2013 - 16:42

It’s no new issue that the restrooms on Solbjerg Plads have needed renovation. Improvements have been on the agenda too, but it isn’t until now that something’s actually happening.

Video: Get Spotted on Campus

Tirsdag, 9 april, 2013 - 14:13

The Facebook page Spotted can help students get into contact with (interesting and hot) students they spot around campus. The CBS students like it.

CBS Wine goes to Champagne

Tirsdag, 9 april, 2013 - 13:05

This Wednesday, CBS Wine is going to Bollinger’s headquarters in Champagne, where the team will be competing against the wine societies of, among others, Oxford and Cambridge in the SPIT (the Sciences Po International Tasting).

Awards at CBS 2013 – this year’s recipients

Torsdag, 4 april, 2013 - 17:15

DSEB (Danish Society for Education and Business – formerly FUHU) honored CBS’ best researchers and disseminators. CBS honored this year’s best teachers, administrative workers and students. Here are the recipients in writing and photos.

Stress percentage alarmingly high among students

Torsdag, 4 april, 2013 - 13:30

According to DJØF’s student life study of 2012, 47 percent of the students questioned considered themselves stressed. 50 percent of the students deal with memory and concentration trouble and a troubling 24 percent suffer from decreased libido. Recognize anything?

CBS’ Head of the Finance Division is the new University Director

Mandag, 25 marts, 2013 - 17:23


CBS’ has hired the current Head of the Finance Division, Peter Jonasson Pedersen as new University Director, starting April 1st. His appointment has led to a small reshuffling of the senior management; CBS has gotten a new Head of the Finance Division but needs a new head of Legal Services.

CBS focuses significant efforts on the study boards

Torsdag, 21 marts, 2013 - 16:24

As the first university in Denmark, CBS has arranged for the university’s study boards to do teambuilding skill upgrading. Last week, more than 160 members of CBS’ study boards were gathered for a historic seminar.

No increase in funding for international full-time students

Torsdag, 14 marts, 2013 - 16:19

The effort to improve the integration of CBS’ international full-time students has to go bargain hunting. The International Office was granted less than half of what it had planned in its 2013 budget, aimed towards improving the conditions of the international full-time students.

CBS wins the KPMG Case Competition

Mandag, 11 marts, 2013 - 15:54

The team that will represent Denmark in the finals of KPMG’s International Case Competition, KICC, in Madrid in April has been found. The winners are CBS students.

New Vice Chairman doesn’t fully share the Academic Council's critique

Torsdag, 7 marts, 2013 - 15:35

In the week leading up to Christmas the Academic Council brought CBS’ Board of Directors a very critical annual report. The serious critique isn’t shared on all accounts with every member of the Academic Council. CBS OBSERVER has interviewed the new Vice Chairman of the council.

CEMS – a Double Degree with access to the industries

Mandag, 4 marts, 2013 - 11:34

The CEMS MIM program is a ‘Global Alliance in Management Education, cooperation of leading business schools and universities with multinational companies and NGOs. Only ambitious, studious and lucky CBS MSc students will be accepted into the program, but if they do, doors will open up for them.

Suggest new external member for CBS' Board of Directors

Torsdag, 21 februar, 2013 - 12:14

The thorough process of finding Klaus Holse’s replacement has been started at CBS. As a student or an employee, you can offer your input for the search.

CBS escalating research efforts

Mandag, 11 februar, 2013 - 15:26

Since the end of 2010, CBS has been busy with employing new researchers, including 108 new lecturers and professors. But recruiting the right people is a slow process and many of CBS’ current professors and lecturers are approaching the age of retirement.

CBS gets new University Director in the spring

Mandag, 11 februar, 2013 - 12:58

Hakon Iversen will stop as University Director at CBS at the end of March. He’ll return to the Ministry of Transportation in a new position, as department head with special responsibility for DSB and the organization of the railroad sector.

Research-talent nominated at the Department of Finance

Mandag, 11 februar, 2013 - 11:56

Assistant Professor Ulf Nielsson from CBS has been nominated as one of this year’s research-talents by The Danish Council for Independent Research.
CBS Assistant Professor with ‘courage to think for himself’.

Demand for increased teaching pressures CBS

Torsdag, 4 oktober, 2012 - 14:22

Demands for an increase in both teaching hours and research-based content has put CBS in a Catch 22 situation. Increased teaching overall lowers the possible amount of research-based content supplied by tenured lecturers, while demands for more research-based content makes it harder to reach goals such as smaller classes.

CBS Wine excelled in global wine tasting finals

Torsdag, 4 oktober, 2012 - 11:12

While most students relaxing through the summer break, the student organization CBS Wine very systematically and seriously drank wine… in order to represent and defend CBS’ good name internationally.

CBS Sport Challenge wants you!

Tirsdag, 2 oktober, 2012 - 14:50

The time for the annual sports tournament at CBS has come around again; The CBS Sport Challenge – also known as Denmark’s biggest university sports tournament. And the organizers from CBS Sport can still fit in more volunteers and participants.

The EMBA program has risen from the ashes

Tirsdag, 2 oktober, 2012 - 13:57

CBS’ Executive MBA program was the center of a major media controversy in the spring of 2011, when the programs accreditation was challenged. September 5th the EMBA program started up anew, newly accredited and more international than ever before.

Better support for CBS’ international full degree students

Fredag, 7 september, 2012 - 11:36

International full degree students at CBS need better support in getting introduced to and integrated into Danish culture and student life at CBS. In order to facilitate this, a new initiative has been started up, aiming to step up CBS' service and support of the school's foreign students.

CBS’ president happy with the government’s 2013 budget proposal

Torsdag, 6 september, 2012 - 14:30

The annual negotiations about the Danish national budget have started. The government’s budget proposal for 2013 plans no budget cuts for the universities, but actually aims to ensure long-term budget stability.

CBS Wine excels in global wine tasting finals

Torsdag, 6 september, 2012 - 13:58

While many CBS-students just had fun during the summer break, the student organization CBS Wine took things very seriously… drinking wine in order to defend CBS’ good name internationally.

CBS R.U.S.H. – this year’s handbook for new CBS students

Torsdag, 6 september, 2012 - 13:29

CBS Students repeats last year’s success with the re-launch of a freshly made version of the intro-handbook for this year’s new students.

HA(fil)’s statistikentusiaster kan ånde lettet op

Torsdag, 6 september, 2012 - 11:55

Studieadministrationen har fået hele kabalen til at gå op for alle de studerende, der havde meldt sig til valgfaget i statistik – og skulle der stadig være problemer for nogen, bliver valgfaget ekstraordinært udbudt igen i foråret 2013.

Studienævn konceptudvikler lektiecafé-tanken til CBS-studerende

Fredag, 17 august, 2012 - 13:10

Studienævnet for BA i Engelsk og Organisationskommunikation tog konsekvensen af de studerendes frustrationer over mængden af selvstudium. Fra det nye semester sætter de ’studiecafé’ på deres skema.

Gode genveje i bogjagten til dit nye studie

Torsdag, 16 august, 2012 - 16:17

En af de helt store budgetødelæggere for mange nye studerende er indkøbet af bøger. Det kommer ofte som en overraskelse, at der skal bruges flere tusinde kroner på bøger hvert år. CBS OBSERVER giver et par råd om, hvordan kan spare penge på pensum-indkøbet.

10.000 kroner til Det Gode (studiemiljø) Projekt

Mandag, 23 april, 2012 - 16:36

Går du med en idé til, hvordan studiemiljøet kan forbedres, men har du ikke midlerne til det? Så kan det være at du skal deltage i SL Fondens forårsudlodning, hvor der trækkes lod om 10.000 kr. til et projekt, der kommer de studerende til gode.

EngAGEd International Business students soon to be picked

Torsdag, 15 marts, 2012 - 13:05

On Thursday, February 23rd all first-year BSc International Business (IB) students were invited to the introduction of the EngAGE (Engage Applied Global Education) study program that is specifically aimed towards talented and ambitious students who want to enter the professional labor market directly after finishing their bachelor’s degree.

Gert Bechlund CBS’ first Technical-Administrative Emeritus

Torsdag, 15 marts, 2012 - 12:44

University Marshal Gert Bechlund celebrated his 40th anniversary at CBS on January 1st and retired on February 1st 2012. His retirement does not mean that he’s leaving CBS however; Gert will continue working as University Marshal Emeritus, the first TAS (Technical-Administrative Staff) Emeritus ever.

External supplemental courses: Do they have value?

Torsdag, 15 marts, 2012 - 11:30

Every year, there’s a big buzz about the supplemental courses that CBS students are offered by various external teachers, such as the exam preparation company Aspiri. A large number of CBS students are happy with the offer, but others feel that they’ve been ripped off.

Venture Cup case companies under Full Time MBA investor scrutiny

Fredag, 9 marts, 2012 - 13:11

A team of Full Time MBA students from CBS are going to Oxford to demonstrate their skills as venture capitalists in the making, after winning the first Venture Capital Investment Competition in Denmark

Kategori-sejr til Alfa-hold fra Full Time MBA

Mandag, 5 marts, 2012 - 15:10

Fem Full Time MBA-studerende fra CBS vandt industrikategorien ved University of Southern California’s Marshall Business School Global Consulting Challenge for den bedste konsulentpræsentation.

Team CBS well prepared for this year’s case competition

Onsdag, 29 februar, 2012 - 11:09

The four carefully selected CBS-students to compete in CBS Case Competition against 11 other elite teams of undergraduates from universities and business schools all over the world have been practicing diligently up to the competition.

Out to Beat the CBS Case Competition Elite

Onsdag, 29 februar, 2012 - 10:58

CBS Case Competition has invited all Danish, Swedish and Norwegian students to battle the 11 elite teams from universities and business schools from all over the world, when CBS’ prestigious case competition takes place this week. Everyone can send in their solution to the same real life case the elite teams have to solve and participate in the Beat the Elite case competition.

The CBS & Copenhagen experience for international students

Fredag, 24 februar, 2012 - 12:25

A new, unofficial CBS website has seen the light of day. The grass root initiative CBSlife offers entertaining articles and blogs aimed towards CBS’ strangers in a strange land.

Unveiling the CBS Case Competition 2012 program

Torsdag, 23 februar, 2012 - 11:02

32 CBS-students have finished their preparations, and CBS Case Competition 2012 is set to launch. This year’s case company will be unveiled on Wednesday February 29th in week 9. Then the competition is on.

CBS student opens Pole Dance Studio

Torsdag, 16 februar, 2012 - 14:32

If you thought a degree from CBS only gave skills relevant in an office, think again. Karina Paludan is currently on her last semester of the MSocSc in Service Management-program, and even though the last months have been busy with exams, Karina found time for other projects – and with the upcoming opening of ‘House of Pole’, she celebrates the creative CBS student.

CBS not to define department forums in revised statutes

Onsdag, 15 februar, 2012 - 11:12

University staff and student influence and involvement is to be ensured on all levels, without this lessening the university’s unitary management structure. 

The high price of cheating at an exam

Torsdag, 2 februar, 2012 - 15:17

‘Thomas’ was caught cheating at an examination at CBS. At first, it ‘only’ costs him a semester’s suspension from exams, but the consequences grew bigger.

A helping hand against plagiary

Torsdag, 2 februar, 2012 - 14:55

On various online ‘paper-banks’, Danish upper secondary school students buy whole or partial papers. This is an increasing problem, not only in secondary schools but also at CBS where the problems arrive with the students. With the campaign ’Original Thoughts’, CBS is trying to solve the problem.

CBS in case competition aimed at solving poverty problems

Torsdag, 2 februar, 2012 - 14:33

A team of students from CBS join the youth movement towards finding solutions to global poverty this year. They do so by participating in the Hult Global Case Challenge, where the elite universities from all over the world will compete for USD 1 million in seed capital for their innovative solutions.

CBS team wins ComCaseCompetition again

Torsdag, 2 februar, 2012 - 13:48

The ComCaseCompetition 2012 finals on Thursday January 26th were tense. Exited and bit nervous, the three qualifying teams presented their takes on how the Carlsberg Group should rebrand itself. With two out of three groups in the finals, CBS was well represented.

CBS Case Competition bigger and better in 2012

Torsdag, 2 februar, 2012 - 13:22

The 32 volunteer CBS Students in the Organizing Committee for CBS Case Competition 2012 are busy making the last necessary preparations for this year’s Case Competition- celebration. Among other things they have hired 12 team hosts and at the same time ensured that all the little details of the upcoming events, designed to welcome 12 foreign schools for a hectic week at CBS, go off as planned.

CBS i global case-konkurrence rettet mod fattigdom

Mandag, 23 januar, 2012 - 14:28

Et hold studerende fra CBS slutter sig til ungdomsbevægelsen for at finde løsninger på global fattigdom. Det gør de ved at deltage i Hult Global Case Challenge, hvor eliteuniversiteter fra hele verden skal konkurrere om en million USD i startkapital for deres innovative løsninger.

CBS’ time as landlord finally over

Tirsdag, 17 januar, 2012 - 11:36

From the start of the new year, CBS has unhanded its obligations as housing landlord for visiting professors and student accommodation; mainly to The Housing Fund for International Students and Guest Researchers at CBS (CBS Housing Fund). This has offered a number of CBS-veterans new challenges.

CBS Boligfond overtager udlejningen fra CBS

Mandag, 16 januar, 2012 - 12:47

Fra årsskiftet har CBS afviklet sine forpligtelser som udlejer af gæsteprofessorboliger og kollegieværelser – hovedsageligt til CBS Boligfond. Det betyder nye udfordringer til gamle kendinge på CBS.