Awards at CBS 2013 – this year’s recipients

Skrevet af Bjørn HyldkrogFelix Kasperek, translation - Foto: Henriette Frausing - 4. april 2013 - 17:150 kommentarer
DSEB's (Danish Society for Education and Business – formerly known as FUHU) award recipients – two research awards, two dissemination awards and one teaching award – lined up, Wednesday April 3rd 2013.

DSEB (Danish Society for Education and Business – formerly FUHU) honored CBS’ best researchers and disseminators. CBS honored this year’s best teachers, administrative workers and students. Here are the recipients in writing and photos.

Tweets and backstory seperate
CBS OBSERVER is live-tweeting this year’s ceremony at Solbjerg Plads, where DSEB (Danish Society for Education and Business – formerly known as FUHU) will give out awards for research, dissemination and teaching, and CBS will give out awards to this year’s colleagues and students.
In this article, the winners will be presented too – a bit more delayed, but in greater detail and with bigger pictures.

DSEB’s Research Prize
The Danish Society for Education and Business’ research awards of kr. 50,000 go to Professor David Lando of the Department of Finance and Professor Leonard Seabrooke, Department of Business and Politics.

David Lando receives the award for his trenchant publications and research in credit risk modeling and for his impressive effort in relating his research to financial authorities and industries. Especially his research in corporate bonds’ liquidity in connection with the financial crisis and credit spreads in the financial sector has attracted international attention.

Leonard Seabrooke is hailed for his excellent publication record, research management and value creation throughout 2012. His research spans different areas such as the political guidelines with regards to credit, taxes and ownership in national economies, international financial management and international organizations. His publications deal with areas such as economical patriotism, financial reforms and political learning as well as the global financial environment. He’s also shown excellent research leadership in projects supported by the European Commission.

DSEB Research Dissemination Prize
DSEB’s two research dessimination awards of kr. 50,000 each this year go to ‘Center for Management Studies of the Building Process’ (CLIBYG) represented by Professor Kristian Kreiner of the Department of Organization and Professor (and Dean of Research Dissemination) Flemming Poulfelt, of the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy.

Professor Flemming Poulfelt is given the award for his passionate disseminations and his attitude of considering dissemination as being a cornerstone of his research. He’s proactive and seeks out a wide array of channels to communicate through and has been a central part of The Danish Academy of Management, as disseminator of management. Additionally, he’s a regular contributor to the leading Danish newspapers Jyllandsposten, Børsen and Berlingske Business and an occasional contributor to international news institutions such as CNN.

CLIBYG is characterized by a knowledgeable, professional long-term dissemination strategy with a focus on building relations and dialogue, debate and knowledge exchanges between practitioners and researchers. ‘The Center for Management Studies of the Building Process’ has facilitated networking forums, events and seminars, disseminated on the project’s website as well as on Facebook and Linked-In – in addition to communicating through the press, international research conferences and blogs. By inspiring new ways to exchange knowledge between researchers and practitioners, the network has created a platform for dialogue and development in the Danish construction sector.

DSEB Education Prize
DSEB’s Education Prize of kr. 50,000 went to the team of teachers and coordinators behind the course ‘Introductory Managerial Economics’: associate professor Eric Bentzen, Ph.D. Fellow Carsten Scheibye, assistant professor Kjeld Tyllesen, assistant professor Victor Lund and associate professor Tamas Vamosi – all from the Department of Operations Management.

The team receives the award because the course ‘Introductory Managerial Economics’ over the past 6 years have seen significant positive changes, with the purpose of improving the students’ learning. The team has developed learning environments and methods for harmonizing the courses in a way that both manages to ensure a thorough knowledge of Managerial Economics and at the same time adapt to more specific courses and program demands.

Their tools have, among other things, been to produce nearly 30 short educational films that cover central elements in managerial economics and an increased relation of theory to practice, through cases. The team has managed to keep up with the increasing demand from the CBS programs that the course is a natural part of and the team members are all active teachers that receive very high evaluations from the students.

CBS Education Prize
CBS’ own Education Prizes of kr. 25,000 went to Associate Professor Peter Holdt Christensen of the Department of Strategy and Globalization and Professor Ken L. Bechmann of the Department of Finance, respectively.

Professor Ken Bechmann has been responsible for the Corporate Finance course of CBS’ elite program the last three years. He receives the award for having designed and implemented a unique educational structure, focusing on the students’ active learning. He’s partitioned the course and developed exercises that get the students actively involved – and as a consequence, he scores very high on the student evaluations.

Associate Professor Peter Holdt Christensen has, over the course of the last few years, contributed significantly to the development of a number of courses on both B.Sc. and M.Sc. level, with a clear connection between theory and practice and a just as clear progression in the course. He illustrates the connection between theory and practice through frequent use of cases, invites guest speakers and brings the students on company visits where they can discuss theory with practitioners – in addition to using interactive tools like clickers, SurveyXact and CBSwrite in his innovative teachings.

CBS Student Prize – this year’s three recipients
Of the 19 submitted nominees, three recipients were chosen for the CBS Student Prize of kr. 20,000 – CBS Wine, Nadia Al Zagir and former CBS Students co-president (and contributor at CBS OBSERVER) Sebastian Damm.

CBS Wine’s competition team and its coach, M.Sc. IB student Peter Buch Hansen, M.Sc. AEF student Thor Jensen Mårup, B.Sc. SEM Asbjørn May and M.Sc. SMC student Morten Tarris receive the award for their initiative that with great success has managed to attract students from all corners of CBS through a plethora of different events and thereby contributed to CBS’ social study environment in a big way.

M.Sc. MCM Student Nadia Al Zagir receives the award for having arranged an event for exam preparation for oral exams that attracted 400 CBS students. It was held with the internationally leading Executive Impact Management coach Chris Rycroft and the event, as well as the 30 individual coaching sessions were totally free.

M.Sc. Pol Student Sebastian Damm received the award for his longtime volunteer effort in student politics and his efforts in improving the study environment at and for CBS. Sebastian has previously been co-president of CBS Students, tutor on the B.Sc. BA IBP program, chairman of the board of directors of Spisestuerne ApS and currently works as a journalist here at CBS OBSERVER. He also played a central part of the student initiative that carried out an impressive event at CBS, that covered the American presidential election of 2012, in collaboration with CNN.

CBS Administration Prize
This year, two Administration Prizes were awarded, of kr. 20,000 each. They went to program administrator Tine Silfvander of the Department of International Business Communication and Financial Officer Lidija Omeragic of CBS’ Financial Support department. The prize goes to TAP at CBS that are extraordinarily dedicated to their work and show a high level of service towards their colleagues.

Tine Silfvander received the award because she, in her role as program administrator is very experienced, proactive and professional with a door that’s always open and an ability to connect areas of responsibility and colleagues with humor and friendliness. Additionally, she exhibits a lot of initiative and involvement in CBS as a workplace, since she’s active as an employee representative, arranger of Christmas lunch, DHL Relay coordinator, green ambassador and facilitator of the network group and in general just makes CBS a nice place to be.

Lidija Omeragic provides finance support for the departments and always exhibits dedication in providing TAP- as well as VIP-colleagues with the best possible support. She’s very patient and always ensures that every job is done correctly. What makes Lidija extra special is the face that she often thinks up new ways to make the processes smoother for the departments and always is ready to help out with tasks that are outside her area of expertise.