Bain, McKinsey, PA and BCG – Team CBS coached by the best

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Here in PA Consulting Group’s office at Tuborg Boulevard 5 in Hellerup – and the other large consultancies – case competition teams from CBS are being prepped, in sharp competition.

 Week 9 and CBS Case Competition is right around the corner. Team CBS, participating in this year’s competition, is currently in intense training with four other CBS teams. They’re all competing international case competitions in 2014.

Case competitions are CBS’ national sport
They prepare for months, they’re immensely ambitious and they travel the world participating in competitions, representing CBS. The ‘case competition’ phenomenon is here to stay and in week 9 the case-fever hits CBS when CBS Case Competition ’14 takes over.

CBS has competed in case competitions since 1998 and in 2002 the first CBS Case Competition was held. Today, CBS Case Competition is one of the most prestigious case competitions in the world.

Unique sneak-peek to world of consulting
Five CBS case competition teams will be competing in a series of workshops, organized by CBS Case Coach Stephanie Hadler, Bain, McKinsey, PA Consulting Group and Boston Consulting Group.

Each consultancy has, in collaboration with Stephanie Hadler, created unique presentations and workshops where they reveal the structure and workflows that apply to their particular consultancies – and the students better pay attention, because the tools they get through these workshops are unique.

This week features case competition coaching with Boston Consulting Group. Here, they’ll face a training program which includes a workshop Wednesday night that focuses on story-lining. As with all the other workshops, it will be rounded off with the students working with a case, to be presented Friday.

A good simulation of the life of a consultant
- Case competitions are good simulations of how we work, Christian Kubstrup, Principal Consultant at PA says.

As part of the week 7 program, PA Consulting Group had prepared a workshop for the students, focused on change management and business design. 
The purpose of the exercise was to give the students a framework to use in upcoming case competitions.

- Oftentimes, it’s easier to see what you have than what you’ll get. Change can create resistance and that’s a challenge we face as consultants, Christian Kubstrup explains and continues:

- Change management pertains to understanding and communicating these changes. It’s about working with people. It always is.
Thomas Vind, Managing Consultant at PA Consulting Group confirms that a workshop like the one PA offers the students can be extremely educational.

- As a consultant, you have to be able to quickly form teams and prepare a sales meeting. Case competitions simulate this well. In terms of time, our assignments in PA vary quite a lot, but case competitions are a good simulation of what we call ‘sprint assignments’ – assignments of only a few days’ durations, Thomas Vind tells.

Case competition practice with an eye on recruiting
The consultancies invite students to come to their workshops and dinners and offer the coaching of top consultants. This might sound like an expensive strategy, but if PA Consulting is to be believed, case competition coaching is a good investment.

The case practice gives the consultancies an opportunity to come into contact with top performing students and present what their consultancies can offer.

- We’re looking for skilled students who can make analyses and quick recommendations. They have to be able to captivate an audience and show that they’re on. The energy’s in focus, and how they captivate the room, Thomas Vind explains.

According to the PA consultant, the case coaching creates a more direct connection between the students and company and gives them an opportunity to recruit top performers.

PA consultants recommend case competitions
Christian Niclas Øhrgaard, Andreas Christian Nielsen and Kadri Kinkar all currently work at PA Consulting Group as Consultant, Analyst and Consultant, respectively. They’ve all previously participated in case competitions, in Denmark and across the globe.

- I’ve participated in case competitions in Singapore and Las Vegas. Case competitions are a fantastic opportunity to travel, meet experts and gain practical experience, says Andreas Christian Nielsen and continues:

- Additionally, the case competition coaching enables students to differentiate between the different consultancies and become aware of where their competencies and personality fit in.

They’ve all gained knowledge of the consulting business through participation in case competitions and see case competitions as a unique teaser of the life of a consultant.

- My experience is that case competitions help you get better at quickly understanding problems and creating structure. At the same time, I have no doubts that it improves your chances with potential employers, Kadri Kinkar explains.


Case competition participation at CBS
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