Blue masters all over the world, united in a network

CBS has appointed the first ambassador for the Blue MBA, meant, in part, to keep in touch with the masters that are scattered all over the globe, and in part to spread the word of the Danish shipping and logistics program.

Since CBS started offering the Blue MBA in 2001, 120 business executives from 35 countries have become blue masters. They all deal with the challenges of globalization on the maritime industry and are spread all over the globe. But know they’re to be connected by ambassadors.
Erle Kristin Wagle and Michael have been appointed as the first ambassadors for CBS’ Blue MBA program, the Executive MBA in Shipping & Logistics.

- We appoint the ambassadors in the hope that they can help us cover the most important hubs in the maritime industry, in this case Oslo and Singapore, says student study program administrator Irene Rosberg of the Blue MBA and she adds that the concept must be expanded, so the Blue MBA is covered by ambassadors stationed across the globe.

The masters should be encouraged to network
The idea is that the ambassadors have to be part advocates of the program, and part link between the alumni.

Irene Rosberg sees the ambassador program as a further strengthening of the collaboration between Blue MBA and the maritime industry on making the executives highly qualified to handle challenges of globalization and their companies’ strategies.

The blue masters play a central role in the development of the program. We consider them all to be ambassadors of the program and it’s to get them even closer and encourage them to build a stronger network that we’ve started appointing blue ambassadors of different regions.