CBS is an academic society - let’s be residents and not just visitors!

Skrevet af Charlotte GjeddeFelix Kasperek, translation - Foto: Ben Adler - 2. maj 2013 - 11:030 kommentarer
Charlotte Gjedde, vice president of CBS Students, wants to be treated like a citizen of CBS, not a guest.

CBS accepts more and more students, but where are we supposed to be? CBS Students Vice President, Charlotte Gjedde is asking the CBS community in this article.

CBS and the environment here is so inspiring, exciting and creative - and more and more people want to be a part of it. This summer and in the future, CBS are going to have even more students from all over the world participating in the world class education and business society that we all aspire to contribute to.

This is an amazing opportunity to create something really extraordinary and to move CBS even further up in the ranks – and as a CBS student I’m excited!

CBS is already working on a strategy for what to do in the future to make sure we have enough room for the new students, but a call out from CBS Students is that we have to remember the existing campus and most of all the students.

Solbjerg, Dalgas, Porcelænshaven and Kilen are places where we today strive to create environments within the academic, extracurricular and social life. The students are trying the best we can, but we need a better framework and to speak in the CBS-‘lingo’ we have so many opportunities to optimize within the existing campus.

We appreciate that CBS is finding long-term solutions, but we cannot forget all the low-hanging fruits in the exciting buildings! Let’s take a walk on campus and look at some of the opportunities; let’s take advantage of the fitness room at Solbjerg Plads. Let’s put out more chairs and tables on the hall. Let’s create an outside atmosphere with benches and pavilion, so you can study there.

Let’s put up some whiteboards at Dalgas Have so we can create the “temporary” group rooms. Let’s go to Kilen and remove the “Staff Only” signs so we can create interaction between the professors and students.

There are so many great solutions that would help us on the short-run. So please CBS remember the existing buildings – it may be expensive, but we can’t afford not to do something.

In august 2013 over 7000 new students will be enrolled and welcomed to CBS and if we want them to stay we need to deliver an environment, where facilities encourage students to actually be a part of CBS and not just be a visitor.