CBS Campus Alert is to upgrade safety and security at CBS

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CBS Campus Alert is now up and running and students and employees are encouraged to sign up for the service by texting 'CBS' to 1230.

It is good to know how to act should a dangerous situation unfold in one of CBS’ buildings; a new text messaging warning service alerts people within a certain vicinity if fire breaks out or another critical situation unfolds at CBS. 

Horrible critical situations do occur, but luckily they are rare.

Alarms are installed in all CBS’ buildings and you might have heard them go off once in a while due to fire drills or by accident, or maybe you have heard them because a critical situation actually did occur like the fire at Dalgas Have in 2009.

However, with the implementation of a new warning system CBS will be able to send customized text messages to students and employees at CBS telling them how to act based on the specific situation, e.g., fire, threats, extreme weather conditions, school shootings, or terrorist attacks on campus.

First Danish university to implement warning system

CBS is the first Danish university to implement the warning system UMS Campus Alert. The Danish Emergency Management Agency, the police, as well as some municipalities have already had good experiences with the technology, just like they have at universities in the UK and Norway.

- It is about time that CBS implemented a system that can alert not only employees but also students at CBS, says CBS’ safety inspector, Lars Bergø, who hopes that as many students as possible sign up for the new service:

- It is essential that a large number of people sign up for CBS Campus Alert. When we reach a number of subscribers corresponding to 60 percent of the day-to-day crowd at CBS, we are home safe according to the police.

How it works

At this point the system is programmed to send out 6 different messages, depending on the situation, via text message or by automated calls to fixed-line phones at CBS. The message, or call, will alert the receiver of the location of a critical situation and what to do if you are within close proximity of the situation.

The general message that the system will generate is:

“Leave the building immediately, go to the nearest rallying point and wait for instructions.”

That is the generic message that will be sent out, e.g. in case of a fire. However, if the air outside one of CBS’ buildings is contaminated due to toxic smoke caused by a fire in the surrounding area, the most reasonable thing is not to go outside, but to stay inside the building and close all windows. With the new system it is now possible to give such specific instructions to everyone who has signed up for the service.

How to sign up for alerts

You can sign up for alerts by texting “CBS” to 1230 and you unsubscribe by sending the same message. Normal phone charges apply.

All fixed-line and mobile phones payed by CBS are automatically signed up for the service.

Your safety and your working environment

The main reason for the implementation of CBS Campus Alert is to make students and employees feel secure when at CBS.

In a pamphlet issued by the Ministry for Children, Education and Gender Equality in 2009 it is stressed that education institutions must have emergency plans and warning systems to support a positive and safe environment, and this is partly why CBS has opted to upgrade with the newly implemented campus alert system.

Alerts without having to sign up is on the way

New cell tower technology actually means that warning systems that you have to sign up for will eventually become obsolete as the technology enables systems to send messages to all mobile phones detected within a specifically defined area at a specific time.

Thus, CBS will shortly be able to offer a service that you do not have to sign up for as you will automatically receive alerts if you are within close proximity to a critical situation unfolding provided, of course, that you have your mobile phone with you.

However, as of now, CBS recommends that all students and employees sign up by texting “CBS” to 1230.


For more information, contact CBS’ security inspector Lars Bergø at or at +45 3815 2875.