CBS Case Competition bigger and better in 2012

Skrevet af Naima Yasin AbdiFelix Kasperek, translation - Foto: Jørn Albertus - 2. februar 2012 - 13:220 kommentarer
The Great Case Competition Cake procably started as a tradition on the so called C-day in 2007, where alle competitors (and spectators) assembled on Solbjerg Plads.

The 32 volunteer CBS Students in the Organizing Committee for CBS Case Competition 2012 are busy making the last necessary preparations for this year’s Case Competition- celebration. Among other things they have hired 12 team hosts and at the same time ensured that all the little details of the upcoming events, designed to welcome 12 foreign schools for a hectic week at CBS, go off as planned.

High internationally competitive seas ahead
In the week crossing the end of February and beginning of March, Solbjerg Plads will once again turn into a great big Case Competition-Mecca, where the international atmosphere will hopefully be buzzing with curiosity, freebies, competitions, exciting prizes, interesting people from the business world and much, much more.

The competitive field has expanded. This year, an impressive 12 strong teams from leading universities all around the globe have been invited to CBS to compete, solving a ‘real life & real time’ problem for an internationally recognized Scandinavian company.

Sponsorships from deeply involved companies
CBS Case Competition is an independent non-profit student organ and the competition is thus exclusively funded by support from CBS Case Competition’s Preferred Partners. The sponsor group consists of Saxo Bank, Boston Consulting Group, Wunderman, Deloitte, Scandinavian Tobacco Group and Carlsberg Group.

According to the students responsible for the competition, the support for CBS Case Competition has been enormous this year. This year’s anonymous case-company has also shown tremendous support in order to lift CBS’ Case Competition’s to even higher levels than its usual remarkably high one. The company that will be at the focus of this year’s case will not be published until week 9; on Wednesday morning, February 29th to be more precise.

A traditional piece of cake and a new-baked panel debate
- CBS’ students can expect a lot of tailor-made and extraordinary events this year, which will make most most of them clear their appointment books, simply because it just can’t be missed, claims Katja Lund Schjølin, press officer for this year’s CBS Case Competition.

Among the traditional events, CBS Career Fair will serve up a piece of the giant CBS Case Competition cake on Wednesday February 8th, and as something new there will be major panel debate arranged in the week leading up to the CBS Case Competition week.

Additional information
You can read about all this and much more on CBS Case Competition’s Facebook page and CBS Case Competition's website that will offer you the opportunity to keep up to date on the CBS Case Competition week’s tightly packed program and all the events leading up to it.