CBS determined to speed up reaccreditation process

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According to Dean of Education Jan Molin, CBS is devoting significant efforts to speed up the reaccreditation process.

On February 16th, CBS’ management and The Danish Accreditation Institution had scheduled a meeting in order to map out CBS’ road to a positive accreditation from the institution. However, no final decisions were made at the meeting, which turned out to be more along the lines of an exchange of information. 

Since CBS received a conditional accreditation in December 2014, the management team has focused on how CBS can get a positive accreditation.

Dean of Education Jan Molin says that it is unacceptable for CBS to have a conditional accreditation as a positive accreditation is demanded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, and without it CBS will have to close.

Thus, the management team’s agenda for the meeting was to discuss the possible implementation of specific initiatives. However, no final agreements were made at the meeting.

- The Danish Accreditation Institution did not contribute with any significant information, besides the fact that it is planning to roll out a new 2-year reaccreditation process in relation to CBS. The criticisms put forward by the Accreditation Council in December in relation to CBS’ conditional accreditation were discussed at the meeting, but no specific measures or initiatives were proposed, says Jan Molin.

CBS will submit suggestions to the council

At the meeting, CBS’ management team expressed a desire to submit their own suggestions for improvements in order to speed up the accreditation process and that these suggestions would be submitted to the council in late May.

The Danish Accreditation Institution accepted the proposal and thus the management team is now dedicated to speeding up the reaccreditation process.

However, the accreditation institution was not able to promise a deadline for how long it would take for the council to revise the suggestions as it depends on the council members’ schedule.

But on March 16th, CBS received the accreditation institution’s description of the reaccreditation process and CBS was informed that the Accreditation Council will start evaluating CBS’ case during the early summer months of 2016.

Central point of criticism withdrawn

In relation to the Accreditation Council’s report published in December 2014, CBS’ management had objected to the criticism concerning the ratio between external part-time lecturers and full-time lecturers and argued that it was a structural issue and thus not eligible for the criticism in the report.

CBS’ claim was sustained and thus the specific criticisms were removed from the report.

- We found that the specific criticism was unfair as the unsatisfactory ratio is solely caused by the continued underfunding of CBS, says Jan Molin and continues:

- Furthermore, it is bizarre that circumstances concerning external part-time lecturers should be a central point of criticism. The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) has a ratio between external part-time lecturers and full-time lecturers within the social sciences comparable to that of CBS, but SDU still received a positive accreditation and the issue was not even mentioned in the report on SDU.

Improved lecturing necessary

However, Jan Molin fully agrees with the Accreditation Council’s criticism concerning the quality assurance of external lecturers. He agrees that CBS must improve in terms of introducing external lecturers to new research and thereby secure a continuous quality assurance of lectures.

- We have embraced that particular point of criticism; and naturally it is in our best interest that external lecturers are updated on new research and that they include new research in their lectures as this will improve lectures and thus benefit our students, says Jan Molin.

CBS OBSERVER continues to monitor the reaccreditation process.