The CBS elections are just around the corner

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From the CBS elections in 2012. This year, CBS Students is also working hard to promote the interests of the students at CBS.

CBS Students has just published the program of activities taking place during next week’s elections, from November 17th to November 21st. The student organization has brought out the big guns to raise awareness of the elections to the CBS Board of Directors, the Academic Council, and the various study boards.  

In week 47, democracy will be the focal point at CBS. From Monday November 17th, the electronic ballot boxes are open and CBS Students is hoping for a large turnout.  

“#VoteOr…” is the name of the elections campaign and the message is that, if you do not vote you will get caught in a vortex of erroneous exam forms, rejection letters, and the chaos of the Study Progress Reform.

But according to CBS Students, you can avoid this bottomless pit of malaise if – and only if – you vote for your preferred candidates to the CBS Board of Directors, the Academic Council, and your specific Study Board.

Do not miss out on the exciting events

Throughout the week of the elections, from Monday November 17th to Friday November 21st, CBS Students is hosting a series of interesting events to ensure that students are made aware of why and how to vote.

In case you are not that into events of this sort, you can still do your ‘civic duty’ in your local academic community. Just visit, check out the candidates and cast your vote.

You can also check out CBS Students’ Facebook page for more information on the variety of events and the elections in general. 


CBS Students’ program for the week of the elections


Monday November 17th

9 am at Café Nexus:

- C*4: CoffeeCroissantCandidatesCBSStudents (breakfast rolls, cake, and candidates)

12 pm in the main hall at Solbjerg Plads:

- Students can now cast their votes (plus the unveiling of a grand surprise, don’t miss it!)

5 pm at Café Nexus:

- The candidates host a night of surprises (top secret and evidently very cool).

Tuesday November 18th

5.30 pm at Solbjerg Plads, room 201:

- VoteOr - Brand Building - Apropos Live feat. DJ – Lounge (including crispy tunes & cool-ass DJ’s).

Wednesday November 19th

5 pm at Solbjerg Plads, room 201:

- Carlsberg; from Regional to Worldwide Brewery (Professor Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation, speaks about growth, progress, and career).

Thursday November 20th

4 pm at Solbjerg Plads, room 01 (the main lecture hall):

- Rufus Gifford, the American ambassador to Denmark, gives a speech and takes questions from the floor – a unique opportunity for you).

9.30 pm at Nexus:

- Schweppes Drink Lab presents a ‘secret musician’.