CBS gets new University Director in the spring

Skrevet af Bjørn HyldkrogFelix Kasperek, translation - Foto: Bjarke MacCarthy - 11. februar 2013 - 12:580 kommentarer
The opportunity to become department head, responsible for DSB and the railroad sector in Denmark has brought Hakon Iverson back to the Ministry of Transportation after 2½ years at CBS.

Hakon Iversen will stop as University Director at CBS at the end of March. He’ll return to the Ministry of Transportation in a new position, as department head with special responsibility for DSB and the organization of the railroad sector.

University Director Hakon Iversen leaves CBS
CBS’ University Director Hakon Iversen has been appointed department head in the Ministry of Transportation with special responsibilities for DSB and the organization of the Danish railroad sector. As a consequence, he has resigned from CBS, effective at the end of March 2013.
Hakon Iversen came to CBS in August 2010 from the Ministry of Transportation, where he was the financial- and HR manager and had been a centrail part of a number of large reform-processes that, among other things, resulted in the establishment of the Center for Finances and HR (and IT etc.) in the department.

Great loss for CBS, says president

The news were made public on CBS’ intranet, CBSshare, Friday, December 21st. In it, CBS’ president Per Holten-Andersen is quoted:
“CBS owes thanks to Hakon Iversen for his clear and very personal leadership of CBS’ administrative units. Hakon Iversen has helped introduce and lead a balanced and very qualified budget process at CBS which, among other things, has led to improved financial management. Additionally, he has been a highly appreciated colleague as part of CBS’ senior management in a turbulent period of time for the institution.
Hakon is highly respected among his colleagues and at CBS in general. I have enjoyed working with Hakon in the past year. Even though we are happy for him, personally I’m sad that Hakon will no longer be part of the senior management at CBS. It’s a great loss for CBS.”

The responsibility for DSB was enticing

On the basis of still having three months left as University Director at CBS, Hakon Iversen hasn’t agreed to an interview yet. In the story on CBSshare he’s quoted as saying:
“The decision hasn’t been easy, since I enjoy working at CBS, a unique international business university and a workplace with exceptionally skilled and friendly colleagues. I think CBS is heading in the right direction and that CBS has a competent and credible senior management. I’ve greatly appreciated working as part of this team, which I’ve come to know on a very personal level over the course of the last couple of years.
I will now accept the responsibility for DSB and the organization of the Danish railroad sector in the Ministry of Transportation. It’s a challenge I couldn’t resists.

Head of Finance Division Peter Jonasson to be constituted in April
CBS’ Board of Directors has decided to post the vacancy in the beginning of January 2013 and will establish a recruitment committee in accordance to CBS’ statutes.
CBS’ head of the Finance Division, Peter Jonasson will serve as acting University Director from April 1st 2013, until a new University Director is found.
CBS holds a farewell reception for Hakon Iversen Friday March 22nd 2013, 2 PM in Kilen.