CBS’ Head of the Finance Division is the new University Director

Skrevet af Bjørn HyldkrogFelix Kasperek, translation - Foto: Anders Meldgård Kjemtrup - 25. marts 2013 - 17:230 kommentarer
CBS’ new University Director has been recruited internally. It’s the (now former) Finance Director, Peter Jonasson Pedersen.


CBS’ has hired the current Head of the Finance Division, Peter Jonasson Pedersen as new University Director, starting April 1st. His appointment has led to a small reshuffling of the senior management; CBS has gotten a new Head of the Finance Division but needs a new head of Legal Services.

Internal candidate got the position ahead of 44 other applicants
The position of University Director at CBS was coveted; a total of 45 candidates applied for the position, but in the end the recruitment committee turned their focus to the internal candidates when the most suitable candidate was to be chosen.

After a grueling selection process, president Per Holten-Andersen and the recruitment committee found that the most suitable candidate was CBS’ current Head of the Finance Division, Peter Jonasson Pedersen. CBS’ Board of Directors has approved the president’s and the recruitment committee’s appointment.

According to the post on CBS’ intranet, CBSshare, the Board of Directors, the president and the rest of the senior management are looking forward to working with Peter, “who throughout his years at CBS has shown a steady hand when it comes to leading difficult processes and projects across the finish line.”

Small management reshuffling and new Head of Finance Division
The appointment of Peter Jonasson Pedersen as University Director could have left CBS without a Head of the Finance Division, but that isn’t the case. Instead, the position will be merged with the Head of Business Development in order to “strengthen the work with the strategic financial management”.

CBS’ Head of Business Development, Camilla Schreiner Andersen, who throughout her many years at CBS has dealt with financial management and empirical support of CBS’ business development, will become Head of the Finance Department on April 1st.

Camilla Schreiner Andersen isn’t just going to be Head of Business Development and Finance; she’ll also function as the Head of CBS Evaluation and Accreditation (EVA). It’s change in reference from Campus and Library Director René Steffensen to the new Head of the Finance Department, in order to “strengthen the empirical development at CBS”.

Strengthened President’s Office and Legal Services
The adjustments and reshufflings following Hakon Iversen’s job change don’t end there. The president has appointed Martin Kramer-Jørgensen as new head of the President’s Office – also from April 1st.

Martin Kramer-Jørgensen was previously the head of Legal Services that in connection with the reshuffling changes reference from the University Director to Nicolai Ginnerskov Pedersen, Head of Division in the Centre for Accountancy, Purchasing and Commercial Contracts. That means a new head of Legal Services must be found.

Finally, Ole Steenvinkel Nilsson (Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation) moves from EVA to the President’s Office.