CBS hit hard by string of thefts

Skrevet af Jørn Albertus, translated by Felix Kasperek - 20. marts 2014 - 15:420 kommentarer
Two unwelcome persons (anonymized by the black bars) were banned from CBS’ parking garage. CBS’ security inspector Lars Bergø can be seen in the background, left.

As late as Tuesday morning, unwelcome persons have been banned from the parking garage at Solbjerg Plads. Theft is an epidemic at the moment, so keep an eye on your belongings.

This Saturday, an alleged gang of thieves consisting of six persons, was loose at Solbjerg Plads. From what could be seen from the footage from the CCTV cameras, it looks like two people were in charge of a raid while sitting at the public computers at the campus desk in the Solbjerg Plads building. The four others were roaming the area, trying to steal bags and valuables.

The inspector present at Solbjerg Plads called the police and the suspects were banned permanently.

- Unfortunately, we can see from the surveillance tapes that they succeeded in stealing at least one bag before the police arrived, says security inspector Lars Bergø.

The case has been handed over to the police, along with the video evidence from the surveillance cameras.

The security department of Campus Services recommends that every student and employee diligently looks after their belongings. Any suspicious behavior should follow the ordinary procedure: call the inspectors’ office ASAP at 3815 2775.