CBS’ international student recruitment still under redistribution

Skrevet af Chris Day - Foto: unknown - 17. februar 2011 - 12:120 kommentarer
Kirsten Winther Jørgensen, Director of CBS' International Office finds it important to stress that no final decisions regarding CBS' international student recruitment and care have been made. Nothing can be said with any certainty before March 30th.

CBS OBSERVER recently reported that the International Marketing & Recruitment (IMR) team was to be no more. As a result of the restructuring sweeping through CBS’ administration, IMR’s office was shut down and its staff and functions redistributed to other units in CBS’ administration. It now turns out that the reports of IMR’s death might have been exaggerated, and that CBS OBSERVER jumped the gun in reporting where IMR’s functions were to be handled in the future.

International student recruitment, marketing and student care in flux
Until the full results of the CBS restructuring plan are revealed on March 30th, the futures of IMR’s three functions – international recruitment, marketing and student care – remain undecided. As a result of necessary changes at The International Office, IMR’s activities have been split up and scaled down. No final decisions about the future of international recruitment, marketing and student care in connection with international full degree students has, however, yet been taken.

For the time being CBS’ top management continues to discuss CBS’ international student recruitment strategy – how best to achieve it with the resources at hand and where this leaves IMR and its functions. The core CBS strategy of internationalisation, which fundamentally requires the continued competitive recruitment of international students, remains under consideration.

- It needs to be stressed that the final decision about the marketing, recruitment and service of international full degree students and how it should be organised has not be taken yet.  From the article it appeared as though this should be there and this there. CBS’ leadership team makes that kind of final decisions and have not yet done so. There is a constructive discussion going on and I’m sure we can find a good solution that will help us to support the strategic goals, Director of the International Office Kirsten Winther Jørgensen points out.

Part of the general strategic overhaul of CBS’ student administration
While CBS’ top management has concluded the analysis of the International Office and its functions, a full analysis of the student administration has not been finalised and this impacts on how international marketing and recruitment will be reorganised.

- CBS’ leadership team is very strategically focused and has not yet made the final decisions, but has requested more analysis of how the work could be done. The leadership team is obviously concerned about the area as well, as international full degree students remain part of the strategy and we want to recruit more. It’s an important area, and right now we are working very hard to see how we can work best with the resources available. Two things we are concerned about are the budget and how to get the most value out of administrative personnel’s time, Kirsten Winther Jørgensen explains.

Important that the tasks rest with the right people and units
A great deal rests on the formulation of a clear strategy regarding the issue from CBS’ top management, and the appropriate organisational structure that should follow.

- We are rethinking the organisation of tasks overall. IMR focused on fee paying full degree students, but we have 2,500 non-fee paying full degree international students. Maybe we can look after them together. Should the focus in marketing and recruitment be just on fee payers or should resources be used on all international full degree students? Kirsten Winther Jørgensen asks rhetorically.

The future of IMR and its functions will also be affected in a large part by the tasks and competencies of other units at CBS that may prove a more effective and efficient choice for undertaking international marketing and recruitment.

- It all depends on where the emphasis should be in the work we are doing to recruit and service full degree international students. Is it good to have international marketing placed in the International Office or would it be better to pool resources differently? These are important choices that have to be made, says Kirsten Winther Jørgensen.

So for now, despite the scaling down and dispersal of IMR, the future of international marketing, recruitment and care of international full degree students remains unclear until March 30th.