CBS maintains position on CEMS Student Board

Skrevet af Fredrik Ahlberg - 9. november 2010 - 12:560 kommentarer
Fredrik Ahlberg - new CEMS Student Board Vice President for 2011

CBS will still be strongly represented in the CEMS Student Board after Thomas R. Smith steps down as student President in December 2010. In the recent elections to the student representation in CEMS, the Global Alliance in Management Education, CEMS double-degree student Fredrik Ahlberg from CBS was elected Vice President of the Student Board for 2011.

The CEMS Student Board consists of a representative from each of the alliance’s 25 partner schools and universities. The Student Board acts as the official voice of the CEMS students, representing their interests before the Academic, Corporate and Administrative stakeholders of the CEMS alliance.

The organization is divided into four subgroups, each tackling a different area of CEMS. The MIM Affairs group focuses on the academic aspects and aims to improve the educational level and unify the program across the partner schools. The Student Relations team is responsible for PR activities such as merchandising, newsletters, student forums and the CEMS Magazine. Furthermore, CEMS Club Support, as the name suggests, takes on projects to assist the local CEMS Clubs. Finally, CEMS Social Responsibility works to stimulate the fostering and development of social awareness amongst students.

Each year a new President and Vice President are elected among the 25 student board members from the CEMS partner schools. With the recent election results, CBS will continue to play an important role in the future development of the CEMS program.


More about CEMS

CEMS is a strategic alliance of leading business schools and multinational companies with the mission to set a global standard of excellence. The CEMS Master in International Management (MIM) is a one year double-degree program that includes exchange studies at one of the partner schools, a business project, skill seminars with multinational companies, and a minimum 10 week internship in a foreign country.

CEMS is currently ranked as the 2nd best Masters in Management by the Financial Times. CBS has been an official partner school within the CEMS alliance since 1990 and has since then been an active member in the community, hosting and educating students from across the globe. 

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