CBS R.U.S.H. – this year’s handbook for new CBS students

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CBS Students repeats last year’s success with the re-launch of a freshly made version of the intro-handbook for this year’s new students.

An introduction to CBS would probably be a good idea, so…
Did you get accepted into the study program of your dreams and are you looking forward to starting your academic career as a CBS student? Just a few years ago, that’s something you would have been told with a letter of acceptance from CBS where you had to confirm that it’s what you wanted.

That’s what most of the current students at CBS describe as their first contact with the place that was to be the central hub of their lives for a number of years.

This year, new students at CBS found more in the envelope than just a letter of acceptance. They also found the new Intro-book, CBS R.U.S.H.

A warm welcome from the students
Last year CBS Students, as the name implies CBS’ student organization, decided to re-launch the intro-handbook that welcomes new students to CBS. This hadn’t been done for a couple of years, so the student organization had to start from scratch.

The re-launch of the concept was a big success. So CBS Students decided to up the ante this year. This year’s intro book had to be better in content and design both and simpler … and it should be sent out to the new students as soon as they got their letter of acceptance, preferably along with it.

These ambitions, along with the desire to make the introduction to CBS as widely anchored as possible, resulted in this year’s intro book being created in close collaboration with CBS. All of the practical work with content, layout and so on was of course still done by volunteer students working under editor in chief Fie Tiedt, who is currently enrolled in the MSc BA IMK program.

R.U.S.H. – Really Useful Semester Handbook
The name of the new CBS intro book is also new. It was found via a facebook competition for CBS’ students, where the winner suggested ‘CBS R.U.S.H.’. In addition to being the semi-literal translation of the Danish concept of ‘Rusbog’ (‘rus’ translates to both ‘intoxication’ and ‘freshman’, ed.) the title itself illustrates the changes in the book’s concept and content – and of course point out that it is indeed a really useful semester handbook.

It is written entirely in English – this in part to stress CBS’ international profile and in part because of the many foreign students at CBS. This year’s book will be more of a semester handbook rather than being exclusively an intro handbook, as has been the case earlier.

The editorial staff has aimed for making the content of the book a good and useful companion throughout the whole first semester at CBS. As such, the new students are not only introduced to CBS, but also to a wide range of other subject related to not just surviving the first semester at CBS, but living well as a new student in Copenhagen.

In addition to welcoming the students, the book covers topics such as student life at CBS, curricula, study techniques, exams and what to do in your spare time in Denmark’s capital city.

’Old’ CBS students can get a copy as well
This year’s new intro handbook – CBS R.U.S.H. – is also available to veteran CBS students. If you would like to see the book for tourself, or if you have a friend that could use an introduction to CBS, feel free to swing by CBS Students’ office at Solbjerg Plads and pick up a copy.