CBS student KPMG’s Business Student of the Year 2013

Skrevet af Lars KrøldrupFelix Kasperek, translation - Foto: KPMG - 13. juni 2013 - 17:060 kommentarer
This year’s KPMG Business Student of the Year, Nicklas Snekloth Kongsgaard of CBS.

The accounting and financial advisory firm KPMG has named its Business Student of the Year 2013. The winner is 24 year old Nicklas Snekloth Kongsgaard, student at CBS with top marks and an extensive international experience.

This year’s KPMG Business Student of the Year has studied in Copenhagen, London, Hong Kong, California and New York. He’s worked for Danske Markets, BCG and Novozymes (the latter in India). And he’s a CBS student.

In addition to the title, Nicklas Snekloth Kongsgaard, who as a BSc in International Business student participated in the GLOBE program and is now finishing the elite program MSc in Advanced Economics and Finance (cand. oecon.), won DKK 20.000 for an academic purpose.

- Being awarded the title means a lot to me – it’s a huge acknowledgement. I love studying and providing value in a company, but I’ve had a busy schedule and lots of late hours, says Nicklas Snekloth Kongsgaard.

This year’s business school student emphasizes that this year’s KPMG Business Student of the Year competition was a great opportunity to get familiar with KPMG.

- Getting to know KPMG and the other finalists was an immensely positive experience. Very talented and pleasant people with lots to offer, Nicklas Snekloth Kongsgaard tells.

The Business Student of the Year award
The Business Student of the Year award is a collaboration between KPMG and the international branding company Universum and it’s the third time KPMG awards a particularly talented student.

This year KPMG received a large number of applications, of which the 45 best students were asked to further motivate their application. Of these, six finalists were chosen and invited to give a personal and creative presentation to a panel of judges consisting of two partners from KPMG and a former recipient of the award, now employed by KPMG.

- Business Student of the Year is part of our intensive work attracting the young talents, and we wanted to challenge the students in a different way than what they’re used to, Mette Grøn, HR consultant at KPMG tells, and elaborates:

- We did it with a task that didn’t have one correct answer. We asked them to describe how they, on the basis of their winner instinct and passion plan to reach their career goals. And lots of great responses came.