CBS Student Society Day – circus comes to town

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CBS OBSERVER produced this Chaplinesque little video at last year's Student Society Day - check it out.

Throughout the entire day – on Thursday the 19th of September – Solbjerg Plads will be abuzz with volunteers on CBS Students’ 2nd annual Student Society Day. Meet up (new students as well as old) and learn about life at CBS outside the auditorium.

A relevant event for all students at CBS
This semester CBS Students has launched a focused charm offensive in order to engage new students in voluntary activities at CBS. First they organized an intro photo-competition, which revealed that new CBS-students don’t know that standing on auditorium tables is prohibited. Now their volunteer-campaign is up and running on Facebook.

In other words, CBS Students has worked overtime to attract more volunteers ever since the first fresh CBS 2013-student made their entrance on Solbjerg Plads. Most of the hard work has gone into the Student Society Day that will take place the 19th of September.

On this special occasion, all the student-run organizations at CBS will present and promote themselves in the most appealing way possible… and of course answer questions from potential members or volunteers.

More student organizations = more fun for all
There are plenty of good reasons to attend. Among the 40 represented student organizations there should be something for even the most exquisite tastes, whether you prefer CBS Wine’s Riesling or Kalles Caviar at SweDen Students.

This year’s Student Society Day will be bigger and better than last year’s.

- We’ve managed to get more organizations to participate this year, which means that the stands will stretch from one end of Solbjerg Plads to the other. There will also be more competitions and even more fun activities, says Charlotte Gjedde, CBS Students‘ vice chairman.

- There are events throughout the entire day. CBS Dance will perform at 11:00, and at 14:00 CBS Choir will fill Solbjerg Plads with music. But that’s just a few of the many happenings, comments Sandra Damgaard, project manager of this year’s Student Society Day.

Inspired by Oxford University
Student Society Day is inspired by Fresher’s Fair at Oxford University, where the freshmen are introduced to the university-life that takes place after the lectures. This year is the second time CBS Students arranges Student Society Day, and they’re happy to do it again.

- The reactions to last year’s event from both the students and the organizations were extremely positive, notes CBS Students’ chairman Phillip Hardø and elaborates.

- We’ve been inspired by similar events at large international universities, although we’ve adapted them to a CBS-format. It’s my impression that an event like this is very valuable to our new co-students.

’So… What’s in it for me?’
You may be asking yourself what’s in it for you.

Student society day is first of all a fun and informal day where you can indulge in free candy, participate in various competitions and enjoy the atmosphere on Solbjerg Plads.

However, it’s also an opportunity to learn about all the student-run organizations at CBS and to connect with them.
- It’s a unique opportunity for you as a student to get involved, upgrade your CV, to network and to get some unforgettable experiences, Charlotte Gjedde points out.

So remember to mark Thursday the 19th of September in your calendar, whether you’re in search of new friends, valuable experiences or free chocolate.