CBS Students and designer brand 'Les Deux' launch clothing collection

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Watch the video to find out what some students think of CBS Students' new clothing range.

In cooperation with Danish designer brand ’Les Deux’ CBS Students has recently launched a range of official CBS apparel. All items in the range feature the CBS logo and the intention is to give students a new way to express their affiliation with CBS. 

During this semester you might have spotted several students sporting apparel featuring the CBS logo and there is a perfectly good reason for that as CBS Students introduced a new CBS clothing range at the beginning of the semester.

The new range is the result of a collaboration between CBS Students and Danish designer brand Les Deux, who are responsible for the design of the range. The main source of inspiration for the project comes from American universities, which have longstanding traditions of offering apparel to students.

Web shop and pop-up shop

CBS Students intend to expand the range; however, as most business students are well aware: you must learn to walk before you can run; i.e., any expansion naturally depends on the initial success and reception of the apparel among students at CBS.

However, current plans include the introduction of a web shop. The launch date has been pushed a couple of times, but CBS Students aims to launch the web shop in week 44.

Orders placed online have to be picked up at the pop-up shop, which is open twice a week at Solbjerg Plads.

Where does the money go?

Reportedly, profits will be channeled back to the student community as CBS Students intends to invest it in initiatives benefitting the students. Which initiatives remains undisclosed at this point.

So, how does the price level of CBS Students’ new clothing range compare to that of other universities’ clothing ranges?

We have gathered price information from the University of Copenhagen and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the conclusion is that CBS Students' clothing range has a hefty price tag compared to these two universities.  

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