CBS Students - an organization for all?

Skrevet af Sara Tatiana Schwartz Thomsen - 14. november 2012 - 1:100 kommentarer

CBS Students is an organization that you are forced to be a part of. You may not know them, you may even disagree with them, but you are still a member of their organisation. And so are we - Konservative Studerende. We have formed our own list because we want to tell you the truth: we want to let you know what we believe before you vote. But as students at CBS we are still members of their organization – they represent us too.

In a blog written by Niklas Frijs-Madsen and Philip Hardø as well as one written by Christian Refshauge, however, CBS students actively promote the candidates from their “own” list instead of promoting all candidates together. They therefore leave us with the question: who do they even represent? Which students are they an organization for? They have definitely shown us, that the do not want to represent Konservative Studerende. By neglecting to represent us – and even directly encourage students not to vote for us – they have shown, that they are not an organization for all. They are an organization only for the students they want to represent – their own.

Now, given that CBS Students do not have a political agenda I cannot help to wonder why “our” student organization tries to exclude Konservative Studerende from the election? Is it because we want to be a part of the student democracy? Is it because we want to help the students as CBS? Is it because we want to create a student democracy, where people actually work together instead of representing their own private views? Or is it because we are the only candidates openly declaring the political views we base our work and decisions upon?

CBS Students, however, cannot disagree with us, because they work for us too. They say that they want “better educations” but as they have not openly told the students what they mean by this, they are not in the position to disagree with us. Why should they not want to help us get elected? I cannot help feeling abandoned by the organization that was supposed to represent us all. Perhaps it is the same with CBS Studenst as it is with Danske Studerendes Fællesråd (DSF): they represent “us all”, but they do not represent right-wing students.

Therefore I say to all students at CBS whether or not they believe in right-wing values: Vote for Konservative Studerende. We want a student democracy where all students are welcome and all political views are seen as contributing to our student policy. This is not just a choice between political values. CBS Students have already declared that they are not your organisation by trying to manipulate your choice. If we had been running through their lists, they would have informed you about us. So why won't they if we are being honest about our views? They are misusing their power at CBS and trying to manipulate a student election, which also affects left-wing students. Why? They did not do for you, what they promised.

Don’t let this control continue. If you vote for us we will make sure that a real student democracy is build instead of a "democracy" with no choice at all.