CBS team wins ComCaseCompetition again

Skrevet af Miel PedersenFelix Kasperek, versioning - Foto: Jørn Albertus - 2. februar 2012 - 13:480 kommentarer
The winning team, from the left: Grethe Fløe, Kenneth Bole Andreasen, Lars Pallisgaard, Stine Møller Pedersen and Stine Wind.

The ComCaseCompetition 2012 finals on Thursday January 26th were tense. Exited and bit nervous, the three qualifying teams presented their takes on how the Carlsberg Group should rebrand itself. With two out of three groups in the finals, CBS was well represented.

Local global unity-diversity away from home
Even though CBS dominated ComCaseCompetition 2012 when it comes to total number of competing teams, a team of students from the Aarhus School of Business delivered the goods and made it to the final round this year. They were ‘Group G’ and went on as the last group.

They focused on both the weighty heritage of the Carlsberg brand and on the local pride. Suggesting the establishing of a digital platform called ‘UniDiversity’, their idea was that local Carlsberg employees should share their ideas and stories for and about the work on the site, this to the benefit and enjoyment of other Carlsberg Group employees around the world.

Drink your way around the world
“Drink your way around the world”. That was the slogan of German/Norwegian CBS-team, ‘Group C’. they were on first and had come up with the innovative idea of ‘The Beer App’.

Their concept was, that by buying a six-pack consisting of beer from different countries (all of them from the Carlsberg Group), you could ‘tag’ your beer on the corresponding country in the app. In this way it would be possible to celebrate the diversity of the Carlsberg Group with your friends, while at the same time paying homage to Carlsberg as a brand.

Raise high the standard of ’The Carlsberg Heritage’
’Goup E’, the second finalist team to take the stage, was also from CBS. While the Germans and Norwegian had worked from a concept of innovation and modern technology, ‘Group E’ was of the opinion that the Carlsberg Group already had plenty of history to communicate. The Carlsberg Heritage was to be focused upon and strengthened, and the team PowerPoint-presented a number of suggestions as to how this was to be done.

And the winner was…
Even though the app-concept brought forth smiles and even laughter, the old values won out in the end. The victory went to ‘Group E’, who the judges described as having “Had strong skills, strong focus and kept it simple!”.

- The team had the courage to challenge Carlsberg’s business strategy and suggested focusing more on heritage and quality than on profits. The students built their suggestions on the substantial positive heritage that defines Carlsberg and many of the group’s foreign subsidiaries. The group was strong in their analysis of Carlsberg’s challenges and they presented exciting suggestions for focusing on the internal communication. Their solution was simple but realistic, built on the company’s existing strengths, stated Finn Frandsen, professor of communication at the University of Aarhus and chairman of the jury in the press release from The Danish Communication Union.

So congratulations to ‘Group E’, the winners of ComCaseCompetition 2012: MSc MCM (Marketing Communications Management) student Grethe Fløe, MSc (Business Communications)student Kenneth Boje Andreassen, MSc.MCM (Marketing and Communications Management) student Lars Pallisgaard, MSc (Political Communication and Leadership) student Stine Møller Pedersen and MSc.(Business Communications) student Stine Wind, all of them from CBS.