CBS wants to turn police station into 'Student Innovation House'

Skrevet af Jannick Friis ChristensenJesper Snedker Adamsen, (versioning) - Foto: Jørn Albertus - 16. januar 2015 - 18:070 kommentarer
The police station is situated relatively close to CBS. If you look closely you can see Solbjerg Plads behind the colonnades on the left.

Within a few years CBS students will get a new place where they can socialize. Or maybe they will. In December CBS bought what was originally a police station. The building is situated close to the main building at Solbjerg Plads; however, CBS Students needs DKK 35m for the renovation of the facilities. 

From police station to ‘Student Innovation House’

The old Frederiksberg police station close to campus at Solbjerg Plads might be the subject of an extensive makeover as CBS recently bought the building.

The intention is to renovate the building completely and turn it into a ‘Student Innovation House’ somewhat along the lines of UCPH’s facilities in Købmagergade close to the Copenhagen Round Tower.

The Campus Committee expects the new facilities to open in 2017 with study seats, conference rooms, and a café. Whether or not this goal will be met is primarily up to CBS Students as the organization has taken on the task to raise the necessary funds for the project.

DKK 20m raised – another DKK 35m needed

At the New Year’s reception on January 7th, CBS President Per Holten-Andersen told the guests that a total of DKK 55m in donations is needed to complete the planned makeover of the four-story building, which has a total of 80 rooms plus a basement – all in all approximately 32,300 sq. feet.

However, CBS Students has only managed to raise DKK 20m even though fundraising for the project was initiated in late 2013.

CBS forced to buy now

CBS bought the building in early December 2014 and will manage and maintain the facilities for many years to come.

The purchase of the building represents a significant investment and this during a period of turmoil and significant financial challenges for CBS. However, President Per Holten-Andersen justified the investment by saying that:

- We had to buy now, if we did not it would have been snatched up someone else. […] Despite current financial challenges CBS cannot hesitate and we have to continue investing in the future.

CBS OBSERVER will cover the project with a series of articles in the coming weeks and among other things we will focus on CBS Students’ visions in relation to the project.