CBS Wine defeats Oxford and Cambridge in semifinals of prestigious wine competition

Skrevet af Jørn AlbertusTranslated by Felix Kasperek - 3. juni 2013 - 12:120 kommentarer
CBS Wine’s team in the French embassy in London. From left, Asbjørn May, Peter Buch Hansen, Christian Mark Mortensen and coach Thor Mårup.

Copenhagen Business School’s wine society, CBS Wine, who took bronze in last year’s internationally renowned wine competition, Left Bank Bordeaux Cup is ready for the finals after having beaten, among others, Oxford’s 200 year old wine society in the semifinals.

After having won the semifinals last Saturday at the French embassy in London, CBS Wine is now ready for the finals, the 14th of June at one of the most prestigious wine chateaus in the world, Chateau Lafite Rothschild, where the winning team will get ten thousand kroner’s worth of wine.

- We were satisfied with finishing third last year, but this time we’ll bring the trophy home to Denmark and CBS, says CBS Wine founder and president Peter Buch Hansen, M.Sc. IB student.

Practice, practice, practice
- It’s taken quite the effort to get ready for. We haven’t just gotten specialized in the different areas of Bordeaux’s west bank, we’ve also had to work our way through a great deal of wine says the official coach, Thor Jensen Mårup, vice president of CBS Wine and M.Sc. AEF student. He continues:

I think we’ve opened somewhere around 150 bottles of Bordeaux in the last month. We’ve spit out most of it though, but none of it would have been possible without our sponsor, Københavns Andelskasse that specializes in student loans.

President proud of CBS Wine’s achievements
- First of all I’m very proud of CBS Wine and what they’ve achieved in such short time, says president of CBS Per Holten-Andersen and continues:

- But it also shows how dynamic the student societal life at CBS is and that it measures up to the best institutions in the world.

Earlier this year, CBS Wine received the Student Prize 2013 for their work in promoting a better study environment at Copenhagen Business School.

For more information:
President of CBS Wine, Peter Buch Hansen
Cell phone: 4094 1929


About CBS Wine
CBS Wine is a wine society for the 19,000 students of Copenhagen Business School and is currently one of the largest wine societies in Denmark. It was founded in 2010 by president and IB student Peter Buch Hansen and former vice president and BLC student Søren Riber.

CBS Wine has held a tasting each month since its inception and offered student budget-friendly wine-offers to the students of CBS. For more information, like CBS Wine on Facebook and see pictures from earlier tastings and more.