CBS Wine excelled in global wine tasting finals

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Team CBS Wine (who really don't) brought home the honor of a third placing to CBS. From the left: Thor Mårup, Peter Buch Hansen, coach Søren Riber and Asbjørn May.

While most students relaxing through the summer break, the student organization CBS Wine very systematically and seriously drank wine… in order to represent and defend CBS’ good name internationally.

Competitive spirits, business school students and red wine
Left Bank Bordeaux Cup at Chateau Lafite might not be something most people can say they’ve heard about. But if you like a good glass of wine, and you have a curious spirit, you might have heard about this prestigious international wine tasting competition for the wine clubs of business schools all over the world.

At least if you’ve stayed up to date on what’s going on at CBS.

This year, following a very successful semi-final in London in March where approximately 50 other teams were beaten, a team from the student-run organization CBS Wine packed their bags and headed off to Bordeaux to represent CBS.

Uncorking good show, but not quite good enough
Their previous successes and the prospect of more great wine experiences to come had given CBS Wine president Peter Buch Hansen (M.Sc. in Business Administration(IBS) student) a thirst for more. Along with Thor Mårup (M.Sc. in Business Administration(AEF) student) and Asbjørn May (B.Sc. Business Administration(SEM) student) Peter set off to Bordeaux with plenty of confidence.

In true French style, the final had gathered two teams from each of the four corners of the Earth; Europe, The United States, Asia and France(!). In the competition the CBS Wine team would be competing with some of the world’s most prestigious and oenologically oriented universities, including Oxford and Harvard.

After ten multiple choice questions about this and that from the wonderful world of wine, along with several rounds of wine tasting and questions, Peter, Thor and Asbjørn had to face the fact that they would not place first in the competition. The winning team was from EDHEC Lille, who definitely had the home field advantage, since the French school of oenology is situated there.

Third best in the world nothing to wine about
CBS achieved a very respectable third place – beating, among others, Oxford University that has a Master of Wine program.

Peter, Thor and Asbjørn are thus very proud of the result and have lots of appetite for the next competition. It will definitely not be the last time we can expect to hear about good results from CBS Wine.