CBS Wine has found a sponsor for 2014

Skrevet af Peter Buch Hansen, CBS Wine • Felix Kasperek, translation - 18. marts 2014 - 13:190 kommentarer

 Club Supercar new sponsor for CBS Wine

 After a lot of anticipation, CBS Wine finally has a sponsor for 2014; the high-end company Club Supercar. This sponsorship is crucial to CBS, who’ll be going to 4 different competitions this year, among which is the Danish championship in blindtasting.

- Helping CBS Wine win large international blind tasting competitions is something Club Supercar have wanted to do for a long time, and we’re happy to be able to help them win medals, says Yvonne Christensen, Chairman of Club Supercar.

This week, CBS Wine will go to Lausanne, Switzerland to bring home a medal for CBS – follow it over the course of the weekend on Facebook