CEMS – a Double Degree with access to the industries

Skrevet af Niklas Frijs-MadsenFelix Kasperek, translation - Foto: Wafa el Moumi Nielsen - 4. marts 2013 - 11:340 kommentarer
From the annual CEMS Business Project Kick-off event.

The CEMS MIM program is a ‘Global Alliance in Management Education, cooperation of leading business schools and universities with multinational companies and NGOs. Only ambitious, studious and lucky CBS MSc students will be accepted into the program, but if they do, doors will open up for them.

CEMS attracts Danish and international companies

Both large international corporations and medium-sized Danish companies with plans of foreign expansion feature in the roster of the CEMS program’s Business Projects Partnering Companies. They’re as excited to meet the CEMS students as CBS’ students usually are when given the chance to come in contact with the industries and potential future employers.

Most CBS students and employees probably know the CEMS program (http://www.cbs.dk/en/study/graduate/cems-masters-in-international-manage...), where the students take a double MSc degree in both Business Administration and International Management, already. What they might not know is how highly sought after the students and graduates of the CEMS program are among leading companies for their trainee and graduate programs across the globe.

At the annual CEMS Business Project Kick-off, 8 prominent companies had come to present a challenging case to the students. HR people and project managers were present, from companies such as L’Oréal, Novozymes, Arla and Prokura and the case was to be the foundation of a Business Project worth 15 ECTS points.

Case, coaching and recruitment?

Each of the companies involved present a case for the students to solve in the following four months. In connection with the case, CEMS demands that the companies are involved and provide coaching. Dr. Phillip Nell, Academic Director of the CEMS Program tells:

- CEMS asks the companies involved to make a special effort, since it’s not enough for us that the Business Partnering Companies just present a case. A mutually fruitful relationship must be established with the students, so our partners must bring something to the table in the form of coaching of the students working on their projects.

All the cases are based on real life cases that the companies need solved. Arla’s Senior HR Consultant Thomas Schou Høj, responsible for HR and recruitment at CBS, says:

- We’re very pleased with our contact to the CEMS students. They aren’t just being challenged and shaped during the business project; they also give us useful solutions of concrete value.

Thomas Schou Høj further elaborates that the CEMS students are very attractive candidates for Arla’s graduate programs because they, with their choice of program, have shown that they’re willing to go the extra mile.

Language requirements and social responsibility
There’s a good reason that businesses are interested in the CEMS students. For a number of years, Financial Times have called the program one of the world’s leading Master in Management program. It’s currently ranked at a global third, but it’s been ranked as the very best before.

There are other requirements that the students need to fulfill, in addition to academic excellence, however, since language skills and social responsibility are taken into account.

We put the students’ third language to the test and therefore encourage students to consider whether they want to apply for the CEMS program early. A year or two of training of their language skills can be necessary to ensure admission to the program, says Dr. Phillip Nell.

The student’s integrity and willingness to take on volunteer work in e.g. socially dedicated student organizations is also taken into consideration for admission. That’s because a fundamental value for CEMS is the ability to create managers with high ethical standards.

So if you find the idea of a double Master’s Degree in International Management enticing, then it's time to start practicing that third language and show some initiative on campus or in your neighborhood.