In close collaboration with Singapore on blue BScs

Skrevet af Bjørn HyldkrogFelix Kasperek, translation - Foto: Singapore Management University - 30. januar 2014 - 16:360 kommentarer
SMU’s and CBS’ presidents, Professor Arnoud De Meyer and Per Holten-Andersen, shook on the great, now formalized collaborations – with the Danish ambassador to Singapore, Berit Basse in the background.

This January, CBS and Singapore Management University (SMU) signed a contract pertaining to student exchange between their respective programs in the shipping sector. SMU launched its ‘Maritime Economic Concentration’ program in 2013. At CBS, the BSc in International Shipping and Trade starts in September.

CBS and SMU in official maritime collaboration
CBS and SMU (Singapore Management University) will now become assets in the official collaboration between Singapore and Denmark, who can reasonable be called leading nations in shipping.

In August 2012, a ministerial agreement was signed (an MoU – Memorandum of Understanding), with the intentions of strengthening the maritime cooperation and relations between Denmark and Singapore. That’s what CBS and SMU are now part of.

On Thursday, January 16th, president Per Holten-Andersen of CBS and Professor Arnoud De Meyer of SMU signed a similar agreement (MoU) on presidential level. In practice, it will involve a collaboration between the development of – and a tailored exchange agreement between – their maritime programs.

High-profiled education and collaboration
“This partnership provides an exceptional opportunity for the undergraduates from both universities to gain greater insights into the thriving maritime industries of our respective countries, and broaden their academic and intellectual horizons. The exposure that they will gain during the exchange and immersion programme will certainly give them a competitive advantage in their future maritime careers.”

Those were the words of Professor Arnoud De Meyer of SMU at the signing séance that took place at SMU in Singapore, in the presence of the partners and representatives of the authorities and representatives from the industry, as well as attendance by the Danish ambassador to Singapore, Berit Basse.

The SMU president had more reasons to be happy; at the same event, Singapore’s Maritime Port Authority announced ‘seed funding’ for SMU’s Maritime Economic Concentration of up to SGD 4,3 million (DKK 18,5 million).

“Internationalisation is one of the major forces shaping the Danish corporate sector. Therefore, CBS' strategy is to increase collaboration with important regions for knowledge and growth, and we are very pleased with our collaboration with SMU. Just like Denmark, Singapore has focused on building the best framework for the maritime sector and is a significant bridgehead for Danish business,” said Per Holten-Andersen and continued about CBS’ BSc program and the collaboration:

“CBS’ BSc in International Shipping and Trade has been tailored for the business community it is research-based and part of a series of new innovative university programmes created through international collaboration. Talented students are motivated to excel across continents and semesters. This generates a valuable team spirit with a possibility of strong friendships and long-life networks.”

Tailor-made ‘blue’ bachelor modeled from strong precedent
CBS’ new BSc in International Shipping and Trade is to a large extent based on the collaboration with SMU and will be very similar to the BSc in International Business’ GLOBE program, where stays at partner universities is an integrated part of the program.

The program director will be associate professor Martin Iversen of the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, who as a consequence of the launch of the new program has decided to retire from the study board of the BSc in International Business program. He’ll continue as academic coordinator for the GLOBE and EngAGE programs.

The Business in Society platform CBS Maritime that is responsible for the program is CBS’ point of contact with the entire maritime industry in Denmark.
Additionally, it coordinates CBS’ ‘blue’ activities and competencies and is a cornerstone in the development of CBS’ maritime research and education – in close collaboration with the industry.

CBS Maritime, led by Henrik Sornn-Friese and co-director Carsten Ørts Hansen, recently received a DKK 20 million grant from The Danish Maritime Fund for, along with five departments at CBS, launching a new research project, focused on strengthening the position of the industry and competitiveness in the future.