Comment: Why you should study in Montreal

Skrevet af Annie La Salle-Legault, Udvekslingsstuderende fra HEC Montreal • Maxime Gagnon, Udvekslingsstuderende fra HEC Montreal • Eric Julien, Udvekslingsstuderende fra HEC Montreal - Foto: HEC Montreal - 14. december 2015 - 14:010 kommentarer

Three exchange students from HEC Montreal (École des hautes études commerciales de Montréal) asked for permission to promote the oldest French-speaking business school in North America as a potential destination for upcoming exchange students from CBS. Permission was granted.


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Montreal or Canada? Igloos, maple syrup and Inuits are usually the first characteristics people think of. However, Montreal is a very modern and fast-paced city. Here, we present a number of different interesting things to know and why we think you should study abroad in Montreal.

As exchange students here at CBS from Montreal, we hope to help you in your choice of destination to study abroad. We love Copenhagen and we hope that we can show you how thrilling Montreal is.

Montreal is the largest city in Quebec, which is a French-speaking province on the east coast of Canada. Worldwide, Montreal is the second largest francophone city after Paris. However, most citizens are bilingual as they learn English from a young age. The Greater Montreal has a population of about 4 million and is very cosmopolitan.

Here are a few facts about Montreal: We do not live in igloos even if we get a lot of snow, we love to eat (and yes, we actually do put maple syrup on everything) and the student life is one of the best in the world since we host 15,000 international students that come from 150 countries every year.

Montreal is a very entertaining city and there is a lot to do! It is the city in Canada with the most restaurants and it is also home to many festivals that take place all year-round. With the metro it is easy to get around the city and explore the different museums, bars and activities that take place downtown, especially when the snow finally melts and the students get to leave their books and enjoy the city.  

If you want to live for a few months in a fast-paced city and live a little culture shock due to the French language and culture, Montreal is the place to go!

Montreal in a nutshell

When meeting locals in Montreal, if you are able to speak 3 or more words of French, you will instantly be part of the family. Montrealers are very warm and open-minded!

Don’t miss out on the poutine, a traditional meal made of French fries, cheese curds and a special gravy sauce. It has then developed over the years and you will find many different varieties including different meats, vegetables and so on. La Banquise, located on one of the most popular streets in Montreal, will offer you one of the best poutines 24/7.

Our national sport is hockey, so make sure to show love for the Montreal Canadiens and remember to hate the Toronto Maple Leafs and you will find many friends. If you are looking to make new local friends, go down the streets shouting: “Go Habs Go!” You might find this behavior a bit weird, but you will be loved by many. We are also very proud of our Danish born player Lars Eller!

And Finally, enjoy yourself and be sure to check out the awesome, and often free, outdoor events and festivals organized by the city. 

HEC Montreal

Established in 1907, HEC Montreal is known to be the oldest French speaking business school in North America. The university is right in the middle of the University of Montreal Campus and is split into 2 pavilions: Decelles and Côte-Sainte-Catherine (also known as CSC), they are approximately 5 minutes’ walk from each other.

Location wise, the easiest way to access HEC Montreal is by using the metro. Both pavilions are located on the blue line, on Université-de-Montréal for CSC and Côte-Des-Neiges for Decelles.

At HEC Montreal, you do not have to worry about the amount of exchange students that will be with you. Approximately 35% of the university’s students come from abroad and HEC Montreal has 118 partner institutions.

The majority, if not all of our classes are offered in both English and French. We even have courses in Spanish and another one in mandarin. Every pavilion has computer labs, where you can go and do your homework, print documents or just surf the web.

We have Canada’s biggest bilingual business library, which also features an amazing view of Montreal. Also, the university has created a trading room with real-time financial data from Bloomberg and Reuters for its students.

At HEC Montreal, we have our own Nexus called the Salon L’Oréal. Every Thursday between 4pm and 7pm this is the place to be. Each week has its own theme and students always go there in order to relax and do some networking. Great music, cold drinks and sometimes even food await you.

The cantine, the bookstore and the restaurant Le cercle are all managed by COOP HEC. This means that not only are the managers voted for by the students, but also that you can get great pricing for these three.

If you plan to buy all your books at the bookstore and often eat at the cantine, we recommend that you buy the Carte Plateau COOP. With this card, you will avoid having to line up and you will even get a free meal! All you have to do is prepay the card at the store and you are good to go.

At HEC Montreal, it is really often to have a mid-term exam and a final exam. However, you do not have to worry about struggling to find a place to study the whole night: at the lab New Delhi, not only will you find printers and computers but you will also be able to stay there the whole night to do your homework.

HEC Montréal and Canada are waiting for you to bring your ‘hygge’ and for you to embrace our very unique French-Canadian culture! We guarantee you will have a unique experience!