Confucius Institute sends 100 students on summer-camp in China

Skrevet af Jannick Friis ChristensenTranslated by Felix Kasperek - Foto: Tianshu Liu - 18. juni 2013 - 16:460 kommentarer
Danish teams in China for “Chinese Bridge Language Competition for Secondary School Students” in 2010 – also organized by Chinese Hanban and Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute.

Around 100 students aged 14-20 years old leave the Danish summer and go on an almost fully paid summer camp in China this July. Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute, located at CBS, is behind the 15 day trip.

School and high school students on paid summer camp in China
Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute (CBCI), currently associated with CBS will, as a new initiative, send 92 school and high school students to China on a paid summer camp in July.

It happens as a consequence of inspiration from our German neighbors, in an attempt to increase Danish youths understanding of Chinese language and culture – and to increase interest and understanding for the world’s second biggest economy.

The participants, all aged 14-20 years old, primarily come from high schools that offer Chinese language or area studies.

Experience the real China
For the majority’s part, it’s their first time going to The Middle Kingdom. If you ask Tianshu Liu, Executive Director of CBCI and organizer of the summer camp, the growing interest in China means that there’s a need for the country to be experienced first-hand.

- It’s another China than the one you hear or read about. You only see it if you go there and meet the people, says Tianshu Liu and adds:

- The purpose of the summer camp is therefore to give the participants a more realistic view of China. Additionally, we want to create good connections between the Danish and Chinese students.

Beijing, Shanghai and Dalian
Hanban, who’s associated with the Chinese Ministry of Education sponsors the entire stay, that’ll start out in the old emperor’s city Beijing.

The students will then be divided into two teams; one will go to China’s financial center Shanghai and the other will go to Dalian, only a few hundred kilometers from the North Korean border.

The participants, who were chosen by the first come/first serve principle, pay DKK 8,000 themselves. For this amount, the students can look forward to a program full of study activities, cultural experiences and sightseeing.

Departure ceremony with ambassador visit
To promote the summer camp, Tianshu Liu has organized a departure ceremony – in collaboration with the Chinese giant in information technology, Huawei, and the S.C. Van Foundation (formerly the Daloon Foundation) who sponsor the 9 teachers responsible for the students on the trip.

The ceremony will take place on the 1st of July from 9.00 AM at CBS, where both the Chinese ambassador to Denmark, Li Ruiyu and Friis Arne Petersen, Denmark’s ambassador to China will be present.

- We hope that this event will increase young people’s interest in China, so they’ll want to continue studying China, Tianshu Liu explains, regarding the chosen participants in the summer camp and continues:

- Who knows, it might even be future CBS students. We love to enlighten them about the possibilities of dealing with China in CBS’ Asian Studies Programme.