Culture shock and Danish julefrokost

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You might get a culture shock if you go to the christmas lunch introduction so take heed and go to the seminar about adapting to the Danish culture.

The student organization International Student Guides (ISG) hosts two interesting events for international students and Danish students who aim to internationalize on Friday 26th November.

Internships abroad and working in Denmark: A seminar on culture shock
Are you a Danish or an International student who are planning to work internationally? This seminar will give you information and advice on how to navigate the challenges of moving from study to work culture. We focus both on the issues faced by international students leaving Denmark temporarily for their internships and those who find placements in Denmark and must adapt to Danish working culture. In addition, we will discuss your expectations of your internships, and hear experiences of international students who have completed theirs.

The seminar will be held by Professor Maribel Blasco and is arranged by the International Student Guides (ISG) of CBS.

The seminar takes place Friday, 26th November, 09.50 - 10.45 in SP202 Carlsberg auditorium.

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Introduction to the Danish Julefrokost and Smørrebrød

Get prepared for the Danish Christmas parties...

This very informal workshop teaches about customs of the Danes, the food, the beverages, and the habits. We will do our very best to present and teach you about the food and beverages on a learning by doing method. There will be served food, beer and snaps.

The event takes place on Friday the 26th of November, 18:30 - 22:00, in FUHU lounge (PH307) at Porcelænshaven.

In order to participate in this event you must buy a ticket at CBS Students office at Solbjerg Plads (opposite SPs16). Each ticket costs 100 kr. and the number is very limited.

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The International Student Guides - a newly started initiative
Both events are arranged by the International Student Guides (ISG) of CBS.

The ISG (International Student Guide) is a newly started initiative which put the introduction of International full-degree Master students into a deeper level. The aim is to give all the International full degree Master students a better introduction and insights to CBS and the ways of the Danes. The ISG people are volunteering Master students who work closely together with the student guidance and the International marketing and recruitment. In 2011 ISG are looking for new volunteers to face the coming challenges.