From Denmark to Uganda on a bike

Skrevet af Felix Kasperek - Foto: CBS Building Tomorrow - 25. april 2014 - 15:420 kommentarer
The estimated time to cross the 10,560 kilometers between Solbjerg Plads and Kampala is 148 hours, including the ferry from Alicante to Algir - by car. Doing it on a bike would obviously take a bit longer.

4 days. 10 bikes. 6400 kilometres. 1 school in Uganda.
From Tuesday the 29th of April to Friday the 2nd of May CBS Building Tomorrow are hosting the second leg of Bike to Uganda.

Bike to Uganda
CBS Building Tomorrow is raising funds in order to build a school in Uganda. Thus, last year’s Bike to Uganda-success is repeated this semester. From Tuesday until Friday, 10 stationary bikes will be installed in front of Nexus. By donating 22 kr. students and other people interested in helping are ‘allowed’ to bike for half an hour. In this way participants will contribute both financially to the construction of a school and symbolically in the collective attempt to bike all the way from Copenhagen to Uganda’s capital, Kampala. Last year a total of 1300 kilometres was reached, so there is 5100 left to go.

Even though it does not sound like much, it would be possible to build an entire school for 325 students, if all students at CBS donated 22 kr. at the event. It is, off course, possible to donate without having to jump in the saddle as well. However, if one decides to bike anyways it is possible to win awesome prizes.

Prizes will go to the male, female, and team of five, which reaches the longest distance in 30 minutes. Additional prizes will go to the team with the best costume. Last year a group of students showed up in ‘morphsuits’ looking like African animals.

The event will end Friday night on a not-yet-decided venue. Last year, the legendary nightclub Simmons hosted an extremely successful party. The tickets can be bought through CBS Building Tomorrow and all money gathered will go directly to the construction of a school in Uganda.

The Organization and the Mission Behind
CBS Building Tomorrow is the first non-American chapter of the big student organization Building Tomorrow. The organization’s mission is to give children and youths in Sub-Saharan Africa access to education. At the moment the organization is constructing schools in Uganda – so far 12 have been build and 7 are currently under construction.

Building Tomorrow has created a three-fold strategy, which is both efficient and sustainable in the long run. Firstly, Building Tomorrow provides the funds to finance the materials needed to build a school. Secondly, the local community builds the school by providing voluntary work. Thirdly, the Ugandan government donates the land whereupon the schools are built and once they are constructed, the government also donates the salary for teachers.

CBS Building Tomorrow aims at collecting enough money to build an entire school within the next two years.

It is possible to bike every day from the 29th of April to the 2nd of May from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The bikes will be installed outside Nexus.

Read more on the Facebook event. If you want to book a spot on one of the bikes in advance, go to the website.