E-mail to totally replace snail-mail for students at CBS

Skrevet af Jannick Friis ChristensenTranslated by Felix Kasperek - Foto: Aravind Teki @ Dreamstime - 6. februar 2014 - 16:280 kommentarer
No more snail-mail at CBS – at least not between the school and the students.

CBS is finally entering into a paperless relationship with its students. Starting March 1st, 2014, all communication between CBS and its students will take place digitally, via email. Applications and forms will be digitalized, and the CBS email will be the main route of communication.

Keep an eye on your student.cbs email from now on
It’s not just the exams at CBS that are being digitized. Mail and all other correspondence between CBS and the students is entering the digital age as well, when emails definitively replace snail-mail from March 1st, 2014.

Head of Program Administration Rie Snekkerup informed the students of the change in an email sent out on February 4th this year.

As a student, you will therefore receive all communication on your student email account. The only exception is diplomas, where physical copies will still be sent to your home address.

Applications and forms digitized
Applications and forms will be handled digitally from now on. The goal is to ensure faster response times for the students and will save both time and money for CBS, whose employees will no longer need to handle large amounts of mail manually.

In connection with all this, the Program Administration recommends that the students use their CBS email accounts rather than their own private email accounts, when communicating with CBS.

Should some students still prefer snail-mail over emails, they still have the opportunity to show up in the Student Hub and hand in signed forms, the old fashioned way – even after March 1st, 2014.

You can read more about the changes on e-campus, where the snail will be declared totally dead.