Election contribution: Ready to fight for 20,000 students

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23 years old Sidsel Green is second year IBP-student. She also writes for CBS OBSERVER as an editor for CBS Students - a job that brings her to the corners of CBS.

Sidsel Green is running for the CBS Board. She is ready to represent all 20,000 students in the effort to make CBS an even better business school than it already is.

The Board of Directors is the highest level of authority at CBS. It handles CBS’ interests as an organization, and it decides on the long-term general strategy. It is as well The Board of Directors, which is in charge of budget approval, so the funding of our university benefits the most. In week 48 the university election for, among others, The Board of Directors takes place.

If we, as students, want to be taken seriously, it is extremely important, that we vote.

My name is Sidsel Green, and I am running for CBS’s Board on the CBS Students list. I am running because I believe in the importance of having students sitting around the table, when the big decisions regarding our university are taken – so they wont pass unnoticed amongst us. I believe, it is extremely important, that we hold on to the influence we got today. After all it is about our everyday life and our education, and in a lot of aspects we are the experts on this matter.

I will be the students' voice
First and foremost I am running because I love CBS. I meet active and dedicated students on a daily basis. Students who engage in in projects and organizations which all make life at CBS fun and inspiring. In my opinion students at CBS are ambitious and responsible, at the same time as there is always time for a beer at Nexus.

I think CBS is a great place to be a student. But I also feel, there are a lot of ways, in which CBS can and should improve.

I want to be the students’ voice, when we will be discussing plans for the new campus during the next couple of years. There should not just be room for auditoriums and administrative offices – social hang-arounds, group rooms and spaces for student-driven organisations need to be considered as well. The quality of our education must be improved, so CBS provides educations that actually educate us.

Better education and easier procedures
Thus I want to fight for a better funding of CBS. At the same time I want to make sure we have got an efficient administration, so we avoid going to five different offices, before anyone can provide us solutions to our problems. Planning means a lot to us as students, so in my opinion curriculums and exam plans should all be provided at least half a year in advance.

You can rely on me for working hard and dedicated for all students at CBS. Since I started my education here one and a half years ago, I have been involved as the vice chairman of my study board, tutor, project leader at last years’ VoteOr campaign, and I have been in charge of the entire Intro planning 2013. Thus I know CBS from within.

I have experience with university politics and the study environment, and I have negotiated with the management. I am your guarantee, that we as students will be heard in the Board of Directors. I am your ambassador.

Remember to vote for Sidsel Green at the university election in week 48!




my name is Sascha and I want to inform different people, you too, about discrimination, and other not so normal things, at Copenhagen Business School.
So, on 29.8.2013 I was kicked out from CBS by campus service because I collected bottles (for those who are foreigners, in DK many people exchange empty bottles for money in foodstores) and I got answer from CBS at 18.Sept.2013. Cleaning woman brought me to them and tried to convince them that I can steal something and they told me I must go out. After my discussion with them, they accepted I can be in the building but I can't come in in classrooms. So, they changed already their story, first they spoke one thing and then another thing. Then I complained to CBS and my email was forwarded to Legal office of CBS and Stine Schow Pedersen answered to me that cleaning woman said I disturbed lectures and school has problem with loud bottle collectors, etc, but in the end she wrote that I can collect bottles in classrooms too as long as I don't disturb lectures, so, after classes I can do it. I was happy with such decision but not for a long time. After that, till Novermber 23, I was kicked out by campus service 3 times more, all together 4 times. Usually they don't want to tell me their names and they don't care what somebody told me (I tell them that legal office allowed me to collect bottles). By logic, legal office is higher in hierarchy but in reality it is different.
I can add about myself that I look normal, not like homelesss, and I never came drunk and I never made noise at CBS. I don't drink, smoke, etc. I can support decision that loud or drunk person, student or not, get kicked out that day, but kicking out people on the basis of material situation is discrimination.

If I say all Africans steal just because they collect bottles, it is clear discrimination, the same as if I say all Germans are pedophiles if some of them go to Thailand and buy sex with kids. I can not say also that all Danish students are junkies because many of them drink very much, alcohol is drug for me but I will not say that all Danish students are drug addicts because it would be again discrimination.
So, again, if somebody is problematic, student or not, he can be kicked out for that day until he becomes normal again. But to kick people because they collect bottles, it is discrimination.
I can ask also:
When employees of CBS are discriminators, can this school produce social responsible managers for business? Beside such discriminators, corporate social responsibility will be just marketing, to make better PR image of company or school, people and planet will be destroyed by managers who must produce profit for shareholders of some company. CBS produce managers, therefore CBS has responsibility in decreasing discrimination of poor people who are often exploited in Africa and Asia by managers (yes, by managers, shareholders are enjoying in Swiss Alps, they don't have contact with workers). For example, 60% of child labor in India is done for subcontractor of Monsanto corporation. Not only employees than students also, they should never discriminate those who are poorer than they are. Majority of poor people in this world are not homeless than workers, they work but they are low paid and they stay very poor. Beside it, even there are kids of rich people studying at CBS, they must remember that not all children in Denmark have parents or they don't have rich parents and consequently they will not have such chances like children of rich people who have already connections to get good position in society. Some things didn't change from the middle age till today. if you have parents who are high positioned, you will get whatever you want, therefore at least you don't need to be a snob. As we can see, even low paid campus service can imitate snobs and dicriminate other people. Cleaning woman was hungry for money, so, it is clear why she was against me. She takes minimum 150 DKK per day from collecting bottles in so many amphiteaters/classrooms and she is angry if somebody else takes bottles, it is shame for the school that she run to take bottles even she get salary. She comes 20 minutes before class is finished just to come in the room before bottle collectors. Crazy. I never thought about bottles when I had job, some people run for bottles even they have a job.

I can also add some other things:
Thanx to my complaint to Legal Office, group rooms and classrooms are not anymore fast locked by campus service than students can stay inside longer time. I said to legal office that school get acreditation on the basis of facilities for students and if it is locked than it is not there for students than just to get acreditation. Thanx to me, students can use their spaces as long as they want.

Computers in group rooms at CBS are prahistoric already several years, from 1997 or similar, administrators of network behave like NSA, they limited PCs and workstations like in dictatorship, in fact there should be no workstations then normal computers, if somebody wants to misuse something, Internet Explorer is enough (for example, to send email threat to Obama), so, limitations are comic and stupid. They snitch students like in Iraq in the time of Saddam.

Security said in one article at Internet (http://atea.dk/references/copenhagen-business-school.aspx) they installed 60 cameras at CBS and they never caught a thief, 2 times they got a photo of thieves but police never found them. So, I can make pressumption that security personal and network admins got job with help of secret service (PET), it means they snitch students who can organize and protest against government. In every country, university is basis for protests for better future and better world. In every country, secret service has big interest to spy students. Students and their organizations should fight against such snitching, if you organize protest, secret service can take care that you don't pass exams, that you don't get job tomorrow, etc. Antiwar groups and protesters are usually seen by secret service as domestic terrorists. Therefore they want to spy students so much.
There is and economic side of 60 cameras: if I am chef of security and I decide where I will spend money to buy 60 or 160 cameras, I can make a deal with sellers to share money. I buy from their company and they give me 10% from profit. Business is always full of corruption and security chef make business also, beside his job to catch thieves (and he never succeeded to catch them, he rather discriminate bottle collectors).
And network admin can profit from deals with private companies when he decides which company will supply university with PC hardware and licensed software.

So, anybody saw Hells Angells to collect bottles? I don't think so. I never saw even Danish drug addicts to collect bottles, 99% of collectors are immigrants, mostly from Africa and Asia, some people even go with cars to different festivals just to collect bottles. It is clear that the hate against bottle collectors is clear racism and sometimes it is material discrimination. There are the both discriminations in every society although poor societies don't have so high level of material discrimination as western societies.

That's all.

with best regards,

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Dear Sasha,

I know you got a thorough answer from CBS Legal previous to your comment. I will not repeat it here. For further dialog please contact CBS Legal once more.

Only point out the following:

Due to Danish law we do not ask bottle collectors to leave CBS as long as they collect bottles without causing any disturbance.

However, we do encourage you not to do it in study areas and inside the auditoriums during breaks etc. and we directly forbid collections during class sessions because it disturbs our students and professors.

René Steffensen
Campus Director

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