Election update: Lower turnout again this year

Skrevet af Bjørn Hyldkrog - Foto: © Rjmiguel | Dreamstime.com - 18. november 2015 - 13:400 kommentarer
Half way through the CBS Elections 2015 the voter turnout is only 14,28 percent, at the same point of time in 2014 it was 15,73 percent.

Half way through the 2015 CBS Election week voter turnout has been somewhat disappointing. It seems that for the third year running, CBS can expect a decrease in overall voter turnout. CBS OBSERVER encourages all students and staff at CBS to cast their vote before Friday noon.

A number of years with increasing voter turnout for the CBS elections culminated with a record-high of 29.59 percent at the 2012 CBS Elections. This was not just a record for CBS, but the highest Danish university election turnout for many years.

However, the last couple of years have seen an annual decrease in total voter turnout at CBS.  At the 2013 CBS Elections, voter turnout fell to 27.55 percent, and the 2014 elections saw an even lower voter turnout of just 25.47 percent.

Hence, CBS was not able to compete with Roskilde University’s (RUC’s) record high voter turnout of 35.22 percent in 2014 – a new national record in many years – and this year, RUC could boast a turnout of 31.64 percent for the university elections held there in October.

At 12 noon, Wednesday November 19th, 2014 – half way through last year’s CBS Election week – the recorded voter turnout stood at 15,73 percent. Wednesday noon of this year’s CBS Elections, recorded voter turnout stands at only 14.28 percent.

So, the urgent request to all eligible voters at CBS – faculty as well as students – is: Show your dedication to CBS, follow this link and cast your vote – NOW!

Contesting professors for CBS’ Board of Directors

CBS’ technical-administrative staff (TAP) cannot actually participate in this year’s election due to uncontested elections to both the seat on the Board of Directors and the 2 non-voting observer seats in the Academic Council.

The faculty candidates (VIP), however, are battling for seats – especially in the contested election among 5 professors on 4 lists of candidates to CBS’ Board of Directors.

With regard to this, CBS OBSERVER once again encourages prospective voters to read these candidates’ election manifestos published on our website:

Majken Schultz – candidate for CBS’ Board of Directors

Torben Juul Andersen – candidate for CBS’ Board of Directors

David Lando – candidate for CBS’ Board of Directors

Mette Morsing – candidate for CBS’ Board of Directors