Elite communicators case-compete again

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Only one of the five finalist teams last year came from another university than CBS - Team J from the University of Aalborg.

If you have any doubts about what to use your degree in communication for, then why not attend the finals of the ComCaseCompetition 2012? Here the alleged communication elite of tomorrow will be competing in a case competition exclusively for communication students at CBS on Thursday January 26th.

Carlsberg subject of 24-hour Communication Case Competition
For only the second time the ComCaseCompetition, arranged by DKF (Short for Dansk Kommunikations Forening – the Danish Communication Union), CBS and Unge Kommunikatører (Young Communicators), is play itself out, once again with CBS as the host. At the first ComCaseCompetition ever in 2011 a team of CBS students even won the competition, which is held in English.

Ten teams have been chosen based on motivated letters of application that have come in from students stemming from all over the world, with January 5th as the deadline. The teams are now gathering at CBS in order to put in 24 hours of non-stop work with the globally operating Danish brewery, Carlsberg as a ‘client’ on Thursday January 26th.

- With Carlsberg’s recent global rebranding as a case, the students will have a very extensive and relevant issue to work with, says Lisbeth Eckhardt-Hansen, Head of Development at DKF.

Lisbeth Eckhardt-Hansen is supplemented by one of last year’s finalists and board member of Unge Kommunikatører, Celine Kristensen, who adds:

- A case competition in our own field gives us students a unique possibility to get a feel for the challenges of real work-life and to test ourselves. This is where you truly find out if you have what it takes.

Win-win situation for students and case-company both
The upcoming ordeal should hopefully turn out to be a win-win situation for both the competing students and Carlsberg. Carlsberg gets a unique opportunity to get the students’ take on their rebranding project, and the students get an opportunity to test their skills and – last but not least – get some networking done in the professional communication community.

The ten best qualified teams in ComCaseCompetition ’12 have been chosen among teams from CBS, University of Southern Denmark, Aalborg University and Aarhus School of Business in Denmark, teams from Norway and Sweden and international students from Singapore, Canada, The United States, Belgium, Spain, Holland and Greece studying in Denmark.

Spectators to the finals here at CBS are welcome
The finals will take place here at CBS – in Ovnhallen (The Kiln Hall) at Porcelænshaven from 4 to 7 pm on Thursday the 26th of January. Here the three finalists will present their solutions to the business case on global sustainable branding of the Carlsberg Group to the jury and the audience, sompeting to win ComCaseCompetition’12 – the leading case competition for graduate students in the field of communication in the Scandinavian countries.
Everyone is welcome as spectators to the event. Read more about the competition on DKF’s website.

ComCaseCompetition’12 - programmet for finalen

The three finalists present their solutions on a business case on global sustainable branding of the Carlsberg Group to the jury and the audience. They compete to become the winners of the ComCaseCompetition’12 - the leading case competition for graduate students in the field of communication in the Scandinavian countries.

16.00 Welcome to the audience
16.10 24 hours in 5 minutes - Film
16.15 Brief presentation of the case

  • Senior Vice President, ANNE-MARIE SKOV, Group Communications and CSR, Carlsberg Breweries

16.30 Finals

  • 3 teams are selected for the finale. Each team gives a 15 minutes presentation. The jury challenges the team and discusses solutions.

The members of the jury are

  1. Professor FINN FRANDSEN, Aarhus Business School
  2. Director of Communication ANNE VILLEMOES, Danish Crown
  3. Head of Group Communication KENTH KÆRHØG, ISS World Services A/S
  4. Professor ANNE-MARIE SØDERBERG, Copenhagen Business School
  5. Associate Professor MATTHIAS BODE, University of Southern Denmark
  6. Chairman of The Danish Association of Communication Professionals TINA DONNERBORG, Red Cross
  7. Chairman PATRICK MARK REIMERS, Young Communicators

18.00 The jury votes
18.00 Reception and snacks for participants and guests
18.45 The winning team is announced

Moderator - Senior Vice President ANDERS MONRAD RENDTORFF, Coloplast A/S

January 26 from 4 pm to 7 pm,
Copenhagen Business School, Frederiksberg
Ovenhallen, Porcelænshaven, on the corner of Smallegade and Søndre Fasanvej

The event is free for members of DKF, students, teachers and everybody who wants to watch and support the finals of the ComCaseCompetition’12.