The EMBA program has risen from the ashes

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After a year on hold and going through a new accreditation process a new CBS EMBA-class has started up doing a CBS Executive MBA again. The flying chalk-boards are from an EMBA graduation ceremony in 2006.

CBS’ Executive MBA program was the center of a major media controversy in the spring of 2011, when the programs accreditation was challenged. September 5th the EMBA program started up anew, newly accredited and more international than ever before.

Only six months to recruit this year’s EMBA candidates
When 20 new students started on the CBS Executive MBA program on Wednesday, September 5th, it was in the ashes of the CBS-SIMI Executive-pandemonium that sent shockwaves through CBS in spring 2011. After that the EMBA program was on hold for over a year, while CBS worked hard on bringing the program back.

- It’s not a large class; In part because the program’s been off the market for a year and in part because the overall market for MBA’s is in remission. So we had to recruit the candidates in six months, rather than the twelve months we probably should have had. Considering that, I think we’ve done okay, says Christian Tangkjær, Vice Dean for CBS’ Master and Diploma study programs.

The program’s accreditation was brought into question when it was noted that so many elements from the SIMI EMBA had been adopted that the program was no longer that which had originally been accredited.

EMBA program more international than ever
- The experience has meant a lot in regard to starting up the program again. We’ve really been in eye of the media hurricane. We’ve had to defend and explain ourselves. That was the point from which we had to start rebuilding the program again, and when questions have come up about the case in our information meetings, we’ve told people about the whole case, says Christian Tangkjær, but goes on to say that the case isn’t something that worries the candidates that CBS has been in contact with.

The new EMBA program has had its structure changed. The course of the program has been shortened to 18 months rather than the 22 months it used to take. At the same time, there are four days of lectures once a month which has led to the program having more international students than earlier.

- Half the students that start here at CBS on September 5th have an international background. It’s the most international team we’ve ever had. We’ll have students from Norway, Sweden, Russia, The Netherlands, Germany, France and India. It’s quite impressive, says Christian Tangkjær.

EMBA program with all of CBS’ international accreditations
Christian Tangkjær thinks that the changed structure has meant that more international students have applied. It’s easier for the international students when they only have to fly to Copenhagen once a month for lectures.

- We now have a program with a different structure. Combined with the fact that CBS and Scandinavian leadership both have a good reputation, CBS has succeeded in making the program more international and a lot less regional than before, Christian Tangkjær thinks.

The EMBA program has CBS’ international accreditations. That includes the Triple Crown Accreditation (EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB) which is held by only 57 business schools all over the world. Additionally, the program is accredited by the Danish accreditation institution ACE Denmark, the Danish institution responsible for the accreditation of higher learning study programs.