The establishment of CBS' new student house is moving closer

Skrevet af Frederik Hove ChristiansenJesper Snedker Adamsen, (versioning) - Foto: Jørn Albertus - 16. februar 2016 - 9:440 kommentarer
The members of the steering committee, Andreas Gjedde, Christian Refshauge, and Jens Bonde, pictured in the preserved square between the church on the right, the police station in the background, and the courthouse on the left.

The realization of an innovation house for students at CBS is moving closer. As of now, the project has raised DKK 47,5m from private funds and thus the expectation is that the financial target will soon be reached and the renovation of the former police station can then be initiated. 

It finally seems very realistic that students at CBS will be getting their very own student house. CBS Student & Innovation House, as it is called, is a project that a group of students have been working hard to realize in the last couple of years.

The project started in December 2013 when CBS – on the advice of the project’s steering committee – decided to buy Frederiksberg Municipality’s former police station, which is located on Howitzvej 30, close to Solbjerg Plads.

At the time of CBS OBSERVER’s latest article on the project, CBS Students and the steering committee, which consists of Anne Marie Engtoft Larsen, Andreas Kristian Gjede, Jens Bonde Mikkelsen, Christian Refshauge, and Anne Katrine Vedstesen, had only managed to raise DKK 19,5m in funds from one donor, Villum Fonden.

Just DKK 10m off the target

However, that has changed dramatically as total funds collected now amount to DKK 47,5m and hence, the project only needs another DKK 10m in funds before entering the next phase of the project: a major renovation of the building.

And despite the long fundraising process, CBS’ management still has faith in the project:

- At this point CBS has no intentions of using the building for other purposes than the Student & Innovation House, and we are all quite impressed with the efforts put into the project by the students, says University Director Peter Jonasson.

Even though it has been a long process there has never been any doubt among employees nor students at CBS whether the dream of a new student house would eventually materialize.

Hoping for inauguration in 2018

The original fundraising target was DKK 53m to completely overhaul and renovate the building. However, since the beginning of the project another DKK 2m have been added to the target, but that does not concern the steering committee.

- There are a couple of minor things that have been added to the project, such as parking spaces. There is a natural development during a process like this one, where we are engaged in such a large-scale project, says Anne Marie Engtoft Larsen and continues:

- Right now we are working on reaching the fundraising target as fast as possible for the project to enter the next phase and then hopefully, we will be ready to inaugurate the Student & Innovation House in 2018.

According to the steering committee, the project involves new ways of promoting student-driven and interdisciplinary innovation, and the expectation is that the student house will play a significant role in students’ lives and that it will help develop their innovative capacities.

Student-driven project all the way

The CBS Student & Innovation House is a 100 percent student-driven project involving current as well as former CBS students. Vast efforts have been put into the project and the ambitions of what the student house should offer are high:

- We have spoken to architects and engineers who tell us that the building is the optimal solution in terms of meeting our demands, and plans for the activities that are to take place in the building are almost complete, says Jens Bonde Mikkelsen and elaborates:

- We want to take the concept of a student house and lift it into the 21st century. This will not be a traditional student house. We want to create a facility with focus on competence, cooperation, and innovation and we want to make sure that this student house is also relevant 20 years from now.

If you have any viable suggestions for the steering committee, or want to know more, or if you are interested in getting involved in the project, you can get updates here – and contact the steering committee at