The evaluation is over – now come the improvements

Skrevet af Bjørn HyldkrogFelix Kasperek, translation - Foto: Anders Meldgård Kjemtrup - 6. juni 2013 - 12:250 kommentarer
Head of department and steering committee chairman Peter Kjær and president Per Holten-Andersen put their heads together for a common cause: improving the organization.

A milestone has been reached in the evaluation of the administrative reorganization, Wednesday May 29th. The 70 employees who have been part of the process got the opportunity to celebrate and hear how the senior management plans to implement the improvements.

The requirement is shared solutions to shared problems
In his so-called toast-speech, president Per Holten-Andersen thanked the attendees for a solid and valuable effort. He was pleased with how the evaluation process had brought CBS’ organization from a myth of discontent of everything to clear knowledge.

- It’s important that we tell each other in clear terms what’s good and what’s bad in order to work together better, said Per Holten-Andersen, who used the opportunity to send two clear messages:

The first message was that a university above all is kept going by committed people and a requirement of excellence, which creates high demands for a well-working organization – but that such an organization isn’t just meant to create content VIPs (research personnel) but also content TAPs (technical and administrative personnel).

The second message was that CBS is one university – one organization, where no problems can be considered local or someone else’s but should rather be considered common problems that we have a common responsibility for solving.

It wasn’t supposed to end with toast-speeches
Head of department Peter Kjær of the Department of Organization and chairman of the steering committee and its catalogue of improvements started out by telling the attendees that he’d promised himself that the process wasn’t going to end in fancy speeches… Yet here he was, forced to take back those words.

The steering committee chairman thanked the 70 CBS employees from the entire organization that had participated in workshops and ensured the process’ user participation, and also thanked the consultants from Implement Consulting Group for their efforts and emphasized:

- It’s been of vital importance to us to be able to provide ’proper service’, that didn’t dig us deeper into the trenches but rather focused on development. So this shouldn’t be seen as the end of a change-process but rather as the start of a continuous quality development of CBS’ organization, said Peter Kjær.

Senior management starts implementing improvements
CBS’ senior management had had the final evaluation report and improvement catalogue under scrutiny the same day that the event was held. So as a final conclusion to the event, University Director Peter Jonassen told the attendees how the senior management was committed to the further work:

- The report and catalogue of improvements will be published and the results will be subject to further discussion in the senior management and with the General Consultation Committee. When the tasks we face have discussed properly the work can start, Peter Jonasson says.

When the discussion is over and the senior management has gathered suggestions for solutions and further development it will provide a proposal for the work that needs to be done.

- We prioritize employee involvement highly and will of course be communicating everything – how we do that is also a subject, since the evaluation has shown that our primary channel of communication isn’t effective, said Peter Jonasson.

CBS OBSERVER will of course be following up on with articles about the conclusions, the catalogue of improvements, put specific areas under the microscope and report on the efforts being made on the basis of the evaluation.