Food etiquette rules: how to eat at CBS

Skrevet af Lasse Hultén, tekst og videoproduktion • Robert Karl Bernhardt, videoproduktion • Jesper Snedker Adamsen, (versioning) - Foto: Robert Karl Bernhardt - 6. oktober 2015 - 9:220 kommentarer
This young man is currently busy writing his master's thesis and thus he spends a lot of time in the library at CBS, and he certainly knows how irritating it can be when people munch away in the library.

Have you ever considered how much noise you make when you munch on a carrot in the library? 

It sometimes seems that most of the time students spend at CBS is used to munch away on a wide variety of foods; everything from scones to pasta to chicken wings and falafel. It seems it's all we ever do...

But sometimes you might not be sufficiently updated on what goes and what doesn't in terms of food etiquette. 

Thus, CBS OBSERVER has produced this 'public service' video to show you how to be considerate when you dig into your lunch box. 

We must emphasize that bringing food into the library is prohibited, although the video shows people eating in the library.