Former Irma CEO and student politician new member of CBS’ Board of Directors

Skrevet af Anders Jonas Rønn PedersenJørn AlbertusFelix Kasperek, oversættelse - Foto: Morten Andersen - - 6. maj 2013 - 16:240 kommentarer
Alfred Josefsen in 2007 while he was still CEO of the supermarket chain he helped save and create success for. Note the “shoes”.

The seasoned businessman Alfred Josefsen, chairman of the board of directors for UNICEF Denmark, is the newest addition to CBS’ board of directors. Alfred Josefsen holds an MSc BA from CBS and has been part of The Students’ Council (now CBS Students).

When Alfred Josefsen studied at CBS it was called HHK and was located elsewhere than today. From 1982-85 he studied MSc BA, and specialized in organizational theory.

In addition to his studies, he was active in The Students’ Council (now known as CBS Students) and was part of the Department Council, the ruling body of the Department of Business Economics (now closed).

Now, the seasoned businessman returns to the hallowed halls of CBS as the newest member of CBS’ board of directors.

Behind turnaround of Irma
Alfred Josefsen is known publicly for many years having been the head of Irma and especially for being responsible for the spectacular turnaround for the supermarket chain that faced closing when he became CEO in 1999.

Today, he works with management consultancy and board work and is now (again) set to help run CBS.

- We have to live from the knowledge we can produce and CBS is an immensely important institution when it comes to raising the level of knowledge and competencies in Denmark. That’s why I’m very excited to become part of the board of directors and hopefully contribute to making this an even stronger institution, characterized by happy students, happy lecturers and happy researchers, says Alfred Josefsen who’s also familiar with CBS as external lecturer in the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy.

Hierarchies invented by the devil
In an interview with this medium (which was called Kræmmerhuset back then and was an actual paper-newspaper) in 2007, he said the following about management:

- Management is about making things happen through the use of other people. It’s important to have the utmost respect for the people you’re leading and come to terms with the fact that you’re all part of a team. The whole thing about hierarchies and power is something the devil invented on a bad day.

It’s more about creating some meaning – something where you can say that you’re a group of people who have a goal and want to make a difference.

You have to be proper, honest and honorable. It might sound old-fashioned but it’s important to be able to look yourself in the mirror.

Klaus Holse resigns after 8 years of faithful service
Alfred Josefsen will replace CEO of SimCorp A/S, Klaus Holse, who’s been a member of the board since 2005 and resigns after being part of the board for the 8 years that the statutes allow.

- Klaus Holse has through the eight years made an amazing effort in CBS’ board of directors and his special combination of a sharp eye for CBS’ challenges, an accommodating mind and his vast IT-knowledge will be missed. With Alfred Josefsen, CBS will get a competent replacement with a profile that complements the other board members’ in the best way possible, says chairman of the board Peter Schütze.

Alfred Josefsen will join the board of directors on June 15th, 2013.

Read more about the board of directors here

For more information, contact chairman of the board Peter Schütze through special consultant Anders Jonas Rønn Pedersen, who can be reached on 3815 2036 or by email


CV Alfred Josefsen

2012 Public speaker, management consultant and adjunct professor
1999 CEO of Irma A/S
1997 President and consultant in the consultancy firm Sebecca ApS
1996 Director of Sales and Marketing, Toms Fabrikker A/S
1992 President, Dagrofa S-Engros A/S
1991 President, Vingros A/S
1989 Executive Secretary, Dagrofa A/S
1985 Consultant, IKO-konsulent A/S
1985 MSc BA, Handelshøjskolen i København (Copenhagen Business School)
1981 BSc BA, Handelshøjskolen i København (Copenhagen Business School)

Today, Alfred Josefsen is the chairman of the board of directors of UNICEF Denmark and Sport One and is a member of the board of directors of Madkulturen and Arla Fonden. Additionally, he’s written two books, “Kære Irma” (“Dear Irma”, red.) and “Min Passion for Ledelse” (“My Passion for Management”, red.) and is an adjunct professor of the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy at CBS.