Frederiksberg and CBS want to create the world’s best city-campus

Skrevet af Bjørn HyldkrogFelix Kasperek, translation - 3. juni 2013 - 15:250 kommentarer

CBS and the municipality of Frederiksberg has joined forces with Realdania for a project close to Fasanvej Metro station that is going to provide students and employees of CBS with ultramodern facilities – and be an entirely new concept in densely populated cities.

New project will expand and incorporate campus into the city
The area around CBS in Frederiksberg one of the areas in the city that has seen the biggest changes in the last few years – and now, the area is getting yet another facelift. A new project aims to create a unique and attractive campus in the area, with educational facilities, green areas and lots of interesting urban spaces.

For CBS, the project will result in a new building on campus, in the area around Fasanvej Metro station. CBS’ partners are Frederiksberg municipality and Realdania, a strategic philanthropic organization whose mission it is to create quality of living through architecture, urban spaces and the built environment.

Since the effort will be improving the area around Fasanvej Metro station that is to be tied together better with the rest of the area, Metroselskabet (the organization that builds and runs the metro) will be part of the project as well.

Great perspectives for CBS
The end-goal of the effort is also to strengthen CBS’ already strong reputation as an international university. President Per Holten-Andersen sees a lot of perspective in the project.

- CBS has also been a frontrunner when it comes to the integration of education, research and student environments in exciting combinations. That’s why CBS sees a lot of perspective in the development of a new concept for a city-integrated campus, says Per Holten-Andersen and continues:

- With the project, we have an opportunity to be able to test new architectural and sustainable concepts. In that way, the project will be able to work as a window to the world – and bring attention to Frederiksberg and CBS on an international level.

The vision for the project as a whole is unique, innovative and groundbreaking architecture that supports the synergy between campus and the city, so the project becomes an inspiring icon – with buildings that are customizable for changing times with flexible solutions and possibilities for multi-functionality.

Enthusiasm at the mayor’s office
Mayor Jørgen Glenthøj (C) is very enthusiastic.

- More and more young people come to Frederiksberg and we need to provide them with optimal conditions for their studies – and for their free time. That’s the core of this project – but at the same time, it’ll tie together the whole neighborhood, so guests and residents will benefit from the effort as well, says Jørgen Glenthøj and continues:

- A new building project must be a good fit for the neighborhood and create new urban spaces around Fasanvejen Metro station. Through an architectural competition, we want suggestions on how to create an integrated urban area with new educational and business possibilities as well as new recreational areas for the area’s residents – and for students at CBS.

First up: city-analysis and competition – master plan in 2015
First order of business is the architectural competition, which is going to be kicked off this summer. Kr. 3,000,000 has been allocated to the competition.

Frederiksberg Municipality and CBS pays half, while Realdania supports the project with the other half. The competition is expected to bring 6-8 new concepts to the table, which will then be the foundation of further work.

While Realdania as mentioned only provides funding for the initial stage of the two-stage architectural competition, meant to ensure the best suggestions for further work, CBS is responsible for programming and Frederiksberg Municipality is responsible for the city-analysis.
When a winner of the competition has been found, a master plan for the project is to be formulated. It’s expected to happen in the beginning of 2015.