Go Grow mentoring scheme and CBS entrepreneurs: a match made in heaven

Skrevet af Lasse Christian NielsenJesper Snedker Adamsen, (versioning) - Foto: Anna Katrine Høgh Andersen - 23. januar 2015 - 17:440 kommentarer
Meeting with Go Grow mentors: (left to right) Ulla Heurlin, Managing Director at CorpNordic A/S; Nils Thygesen, Credit Risk Officer at Lendino; Asger Trier, CEO of Lendino; and Søren Søgaard, CEO of CorpNordic A/S.

Lendino was established by entrepreneurs from CBS and the company is Denmark’s first debt-based crowdfunding platform. The entrepreneurs behind the project have benefitted significantly from the mentoring scheme that is part of the Go Grow initiative at the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE). 

Denmark’s first debt-based crowdfunding platform, Lendino, is clear evidence that local startups can really benefit from CSE’s Go Grow mentoring scheme.

Ulla Heurlin, Managing Director of CorpNordic A/S, mentored the entrepreneurs behind Lendino throughout 2014.

Through the website Lendino.dk, this startup offers individuals, organizations, and corporations the opportunity to invest in promising startups. In 2014 CBS OBSERVER brought an article about Lendino and the business model of the startup, which is to offer quicker, cheaper, and easier loan options to businesses while also creating attractive investment opportunities for potential investors.

- I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to help Lendino develop their business model. This startup will definitely make a significant impact on Danish businesses’ growth potential as this particular business model fills a hole in the market in a new and innovative way, says Ulla Heurlin.

Asger Trier Bing, CEO of Lendino, explains that the partnership with Ulla Heurlin has been very fruitful and that this success story proves the importance of CSE’s Go Grow mentoring scheme.

- Throughout the process we have been very pleased with Ulla’s and CorpNordic’s contributions, which have had great impact on Lendino’s expansion. Ulla is now permanently part of our advisory board and we have several things on the agenda in the new year; among other things, we intend to establish a fund for institutional investors to increase interest in investing in our loans, says Asger Trier Bing.

Focus on helping startups

The main focus of CSE is to give student entrepreneurs the best conditions for their startup projects to thrive and this includes helping brand new startups as well as established businesses; and CSE’s mentoring scheme has built a proud history of helping entrepreneurs.

- Obviously, the mentoring scheme is the central element of our program and we are continually trying to improve it, says Dorthea Haldrup Nielsen, Project Manager for Go Grow.

Startup businesses enrolled in the Go Grow program also have access to an exclusive network of experts specializing in innovation.

Go Grow Graduation

On Thursday January 15th, a graduation ceremony for Lendino and the other startups that participated in the 2014 edition of the Go Grow program will take place. On January 22nd, a new group of innovative startups is set to commence the Go Grow program.