#HeForShe turns focus to gender equality at CBS

Skrevet af Lea Gerhard Porsmose HansenJesper Snedker Adamsen, (versioning) - Foto: © Georges Kyrillos Dreamstime.com - 9. marts 2015 - 8:110 kommentarer

Debating equality might echo the discourse promoted by the feminist movements of the 70s along with their bra-burning rituals and feminist camps… However, the modern discourse concerning equality increasingly focuses on breaking away from obsolete gender stereotypes while promoting focus on exploiting society’s resources. 

This is not the first time that the debate on equality is addressed at CBS. Through the years, committees and student organizations have been established to address the issue, which has also been given plenty column inches in this newspaper.

Time-consuming efforts, no doubt, but never the less it is worth it to try to break away from narrow-minded views concerning diversity and equality; a narrow-mindedness that, according to CBS President Per Holten-Andersen, spawns the loss of talent and curtails diversity, freedom of thought, innovative perspectives, which ultimately results in loss of quality and competitiveness not only for CBS, but for the entire nation of Denmark as well.

Thus, continuing to address the issue is certainly worthwhile, which is also why the organization UN Women has partnered up with another organization, Young Men 4 Gender Equality (YM4GE), to create a new ad campaign, #HeForShe, which addresses this important issue in the context of CBS.

#HeForShe wants to break down the stereotypes

Commonly, women outnumber men at events addressing the issue of equality, but according to YM4GE men should be just as interested in the issue. Hence, YM4GE, who organizes the campaign at CBS as a representative for UN Women, will focus on getting young male students to participate in the debate.

- This initiative is in no way an attempt to point fingers or to blame anyone for the issues in relation to gender equality; no, our ambition is to inspire a break away from the stereotypes still surrounding the genders today. We believe that both genders will benefit from increased gender equality and mutual support, says Hedda Himle Skandsen, MSc BLC in Business and Development Studies.

The #HeForShe campaign at CBS includes a series of talks and offers you the opportunity to meet representatives behind the campaign, and you can also show your support for the cause in the special-made photo booth, which you can find at Solbjerg Plads.

Diversity Day facilitates diversity

Other issues besides gender equality will also be the focus of the Diversity Day event. As mentioned earlier, CBS President Per Holten-Andersen has pointed out that diversity and inclusion also improve and facilitate continuous qualitative research and education.

Thus, in addition to the #HeForShe campaign the event will also address issues concerning sexual orientation, ethnicity, culture, religion, and etcetera.

CBS Diversity Day takes place on March 19th at Solbjerg Plads and the event is organized by students at CBS. 

The tagline for the exciting event is: “Does variety pay off?”. The subject will be addressed in a number of ways, e.g. during panel debates with leading researchers, C: ONTACT theater, information booths, and a presentation by #HeForShe representative Asger Ryhl.