A helping hand against plagiary

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On various online ‘paper-banks’, Danish upper secondary school students buy whole or partial papers. This is an increasing problem, not only in secondary schools but also at CBS where the problems arrive with the students. With the campaign ’Original Thoughts’, CBS is trying to solve the problem.

It starts out small – from high school to CBS
With all the opportunities that the internet offers there also come a lot of pitfalls. Where you usually had to settle for looking over your buddy’s shoulder in order to cheat at exams and assignments, you can now download every word. That’s how Kasper, the case-student from the theme edition about plagiarizing in Danish upper secondary schools (from the membership magazine of the Danish upper secondary school teachers’ association, October 17th, 2011), plagiarized a third of his papers without ever being met with any kind of sanctions.

“It’s just so easy”, as claimed in the headline of the article that Kasper appeared in. On the various online paper-banks, students can download whole or partial papers and then write their own name on it, as if they’d written it themselves.

The increasing problem is not just something that goes on in the upper secondary schools, it follows students to their tertiary educations – including to CBS. 

Campaigning to help, not provoke
In order to solve or reduce the problem, the Study Secretariats at CBS have in close cooperation with CBS students launched the campaign ‘Original Thoughts’. The campaign has made its showing on e-campus, on CBS’ Facebook-page and on posters around campus. But when the author of this article asked a couple of students whether or not they had noticed the campaign, none really had.

- We’ve created a campaign that isn’t loud and brash because we don’t intend to provoke anyone, says Rie Snekkerup, Head of the Programme Administration at CBS.

So with a discrete campaign, students are referred to RefWorks – a program designed to help students keep track of their references, because according to Rie Snekkerup, that’s where you can make a difference.

- Our goal is to extend a helping hand to those who unintentionally plagiarize because they make mistakes in their references, the references are missing entirely or because they copy text from sources such as the internet, Rie Snekkerup explains.

Seek and you shall find
Under the slogan ‘Upgrade your knowledge of the rules’, the helping hand is thus extended to those who aren’t familiar with the CBS Study Administrative Rules & Regulations . If you search for them, you’ll find the rules pertaining to plagiary.

And in case you weren’t sure before, now you can be: while a serious talk is usually the modus operandi at most high schools, the tone is a bit different and sterner at CBS. If you plagiarize, you risk being suspended or, in the worst case, expelled. But with the campaign ‘Original Thoughts’, you can hopefully remedy the problem before it gets that far.