The Human Cloud at CSE

Skrevet af Felix Kasperek - 6. maj 2013 - 12:140 kommentarer

The 15th of May the Copenhagen Center for Entrepreneurship invites you to take part in the the idea of running a Start-Up business in the Human Cloud – the use of freelancers. Two extraordinary entrepreneurs have been invited to speak.

This Wednesday, you can get a taste of what the human cloud is, how you can take advantage of it when building and running your startup, which jobs and roles you can source for and work with online and what the benefits are. Heini Zarchariassen, CEO and Founder of Vivino, and Steffen Hedebrandt, Client marketing Manager of Elance, will draw on their own experiences and present some examples of virtual and hybrid organizations to show you just how easily you can get started within the human cloud.

CSE and Elance will be providing refreshments over the course of the evening. We hope to see you all, including your friends and colleagues or any person who you fell can benefit from this event.

Steffen Hedebrandt, Client Marketing Manager,
As Chief of Operations at Vintageandrare a Copenhagen based startup, Steffen quickly realized that the two things a StartUp never has enough of is money and time. Inspired by Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Work week, Steffen found a solution to this challenge. Through he built a global team of freelancers who were ready to work when needed and at competitive rates.

Now, working as Marketing Manager for Elance in Europe, Steffen’s focus is to raise awareness about the Human Cloud and help other companies build and grow their business through

Heini Zachariassen, CEO & FOUNDER, Vivino

Heini is a Copenhagen-based serial entrepreneur. Originally from the Faroe Islands he took part in founding the software security company BullGuard and is currently CEO and Founder of Vivino.

Vivino is the most popular Wine App in the world with more than 1 million users Worldwide. Vivino is funded by Skype founder Janus Friis, Spotify investor Creandum and SEED Capital.