Hurray for a world of diversity

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Through singing and dancing shall prejudices be condemned... At last year's CBS Diversity Day a flash mob took center stage outside the library at Solbjerg Plads and attracted a large crowd of spectators.

The Equal Opportunities Office at CBS wants to challenge our way of thinking about each other by putting the spotlight on diversity. Hence, it is time for another edition of the CBS Diversity Day; so, come join fellow students at the event, immerge yourself in the many nuances of diversity and learn more about diversity’s role in the corporate sector. 

- Many are unfamiliar with the meanings and definitions of diversity and diversity management even though these subjects are taught in courses at CBS, and even though these subjects play substantial roles in many companies today, says Associate Professor Lynn Roseberry.

And this is exactly why the Equal Opportunities Office puts the spotlight on diversity at the 3rd edition of the CBS Diversity Day on March 8th.

Most have likely heard about the concept of diversity, but many mistakenly think that diversity is something strictly related to gender.

- People tend to divide others and place them into narrowly defined boxes, e.g. man/woman or disabled/not disabled, but the issue of diversity is actually a lot more complex than that. We are not just talking about affirmative action here, says Lynn Roseberry.

And according to Lynn Roseberry, it is important that everyone at CBS – students, researchers, and administrative staff – understands the full scope of the concept of diversity:

- Attention to diversity is a large part of modern corporate management and thus it is important that we – researchers and administrative staff - as members of an international organization understand this concept. And it is essential that students are prepared to meet the cultures that are predominant in large corporations.

Many different angles

The activities at this year’s Diversity Day take place at Solbjerg Plads throughout the ground floor and in room SPs12, respectively.

Room SPs12 is the venue for the scheduled presentations and debates taking place throughout the day: UN Women will focus on the gender aspect of diversity, while C:NTACT theatre will focus on asylum seekers. This will be followed by a panel debate and a Q&A session on how companies take advantage of the many opportunities spawned by diversity.

Throughout the ground floor a number of student organizations and external contributors will be represented and ready to talk to attendees about a variety of aspects of diversity, e.g. LGBT rights and communities, disabled people, feminism, and Asian cultures; so, drop by for what will surely be inspiring and educational conversations – for instance around noon as the organizers reveal the event’s big surprise.

- Every year at Diversity Day you have the chance to learn something and if the ones that attended last year’s edition liked it, they will most certainly also find this year’s edition interesting. This year’s event is even more extensive than last year’s, says Louise Nørring who manages all practical matters in relation to the event.

Lynn Roseberry warmly and especially recommends that guests stay to watch the performance by C:NTACT theatre:

- They tell some great stories in a different, exciting, and moving way.

Louise Nørring recommends the panel debate, which starts at 12.40pm in room SPs12:

- It is an interesting perspective. They use diversity actively as a business model instead of just making a few notes about it in the annual report. I really look forward to this debate.

Read more about this year’s Diversity Day here.

Warm up to Diversity Day today, March 1st

If you just cannot wait until March 8th, you can satisfy your curiosity today (March 1st) by attending a diversity event featuring Sherin Khankan who founded the first women only mosque in Scandinavia.

The presentation by Sherin Khankan starts at 4.30pm in room SPs16 at Solbjerg Plads.