If I had 3 wishes, CBS would...

Skrevet af Charlotte GjeddeFelix Kasperek, translation - Foto: CBS Students - 13. januar 2014 - 13:530 kommentarer
President of CBS Students, Charlotte Gjedde, brings us her three wishes for the new year.

President of CBS Students, Charlotte Gjedde, flouts the idea of New Year’s Resolutions and receptions. Instead, she rubs the virtual lamp and conjures up three wishes for CBS’ great student spirit.

It’s a new year, it’s a new beginning. Hopefully this means a CBS with space and desire for new ideas, initiatives and changes. But first of all thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read this short wish list.

Right now you could be many places; you could be studying in the canteen for an exam, starting your new internship, on your flight, going on exchange or maybe on the flight home? You could be standing in line to buy a coffee or maybe you are one of the lucky ones lying at home in your bed watching the new episodes of ‘How I met your mother’.

Wherever you are I hope that you agree with me on one thing. CBS is a great place and I am happy to be a part of the life that happens there every day. Are you with me so far? Great!
Even though we all agree that CBS is pretty awesome, it’s still possible to make it even greater. Hopefully in the sense that a place like CBS should never stop pursuing the chance at getting better at what we are already doing. We can always do better and we can always learn.

Wish # 1: Do everything again, but better
All year, CBS Students strive to make CBS a better place through numerous projects and activities. Everything from intro coordination, RUSH, Responsibility Day, Student Society Day, university elections, network organizations, network booklet, Spisestuerne, Nexus, political coordination across CBS and national political pressure.

Every year students take initiatives to add more activities to the pile of great ideas – We want to have the chance to keep making CBS the place it’s famous for being and strive to make 2014 an even better year than the last.

Wish # 2: Let all students know that we’ve got their back
A lot of students aren’t familiar with CBS Students. A lot of students may not even feel like they really know CBS. My second wish for CBS is that all students know that their student union, CBS Students, have their back in all matters.

Everything related to your welfare and wellbeing as a student at CBS you can share, complain, solute, congratulate or simply state with us. We consist of volunteer students, who want to put in that extra effort; the student representatives of your study board, the network leaders, the intro tutors and the rest of our more than 500 volunteers.

We are all here to make it possible to improve CBS and make sure that there’s room for all kinds of students.

Wish # 3: Make the world understand and see the ambitiousness of students at CBS
Looking at the national and international agenda, it’s clear that students have to receive quality education faster than ever.

It’s great that we have the possibility of this world class education, but if people aren’t getting through their studies fast at CBS it’s not because of laziness. On the contrary it’s about students’ will to excel through student jobs, exchange, internships and extracurricular activities.

I truly wish for us to hang on to those values to stand out as excellent graduates.

These are my wishes for 2014; holding on to the qualities that we as student are so good at creating.

Do you have a wish for CBS 2014? Please write charlotte@cbsstudents.dk, so we can make our wishes come true, together!